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2Nd Movement Control Panel Request Or Communication Only For Robosapien

Hello DJ, I was wondering if it would be possible to have 2 movement panels or use a different type of control panel for communication to a Robosapien? I am working on a RAD/Robosapien combination and need to be able to drive the RAD base. I will not be using the legs of Robosapien.

Thank you,



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Sorry. There will never be two movement panels, as there are only one method of "moving" a robot. However, there is no reason you cannot control the Robosapien by EZ-Script commands without the RoboSapien Movement Panel.
Oh. Okay. Thank you. So I don't need to use the Movement Panel for robosapien just connect to its board via port 1 on the EZ-B for communication and use that port number in my script?
From the EZ-Script Help....


RoboSapien( RoboSapienCommand )
Send a command to a RoboSapien connected on port D1. Find the available RoboSapien commands further down in this document.
. Example: RoboSapien( WalkForward )
. Example: RoboSapien( LeftArmUp )


RoboSapien Commands
. TurnRight
. RightArmUp
. RightArmOut
. TiltBodyRight
. RightArmDown
. RightArmIn
. WalkForward
. WalkReverse
. TurnLeft
. LeftArmUp
. LeftArmOut
. TiltBodyLeft
. LeftArmDown
. LeftArmIn
. Stop
. WakeUp
. Burp
. RightHandStrike
. RightHandSweep
. RightHandStrike2
. HighFive
. Fart
. LeftHandStrike
. LeftHandSweep
. Whistle
. Roar
Thanks DJ! You are the BEST! I truly mean that. I love EZ-B
Nice. See brett ez robot saves the day again;)
Awh you two:) Flattery will get you everywhere:D
I can think of other reasons to want two or more movement panels. I want to drive two robots from the same computer/EZ-B instance in order to coordinate their movements to some extent (I am going to have a small drone bot to go where my big bot can't fit, and it will normally ride in a garage on the bigger bot).

However, as you point out, I could script the movement of the second bot, or run a second instance of EZ-B in a virtual machine (probably need a second BT radio to dedicate to the VM. Need to experiment a bit).

I can think of other reasons for multiple panels though too. Like different drive trains for different terrain (flip bot, wheels on one side, treads on the other or something...).

Also articulated drive trains with independent control options like all-terrain rovers (I like the LandMaster from Damnation Ally :)) and multi-segmented designs such as centripetal robots, etc... there are no limitations on multi-motion design or reasoning for such design except what we allow by convention. That's what I love about the field of robotics... lots of flexibility in desire, design and solution:D

While scripts can be made and multiple joysticks used for multi-moment needs, the moment panel does allow simple on-screen control for new users or R&D facilitation... and, to me, exemplifies the term EZ... that said, anyone using multi-moment robots is likely skilled enough to "move";) beyond that single control.

I have so many ideas... hoping I can afford more kits soon...

Also, @Alan, you can run multiple instances of ARC without the virtual PC requirement... but may? require separate connection links (BT or USB-TTL, etc.) to their respective EZ-B boards.
You can run as many instances of ARC as you like. Each ARC does not require a physical bluetooth device. Each ARC does require a physical EZ-B. However, I see no reason for multiple instances for your scenario.

ARC was designed with one Movement Panel for convenience of the Forward, Left, Right, Stop, Up, Down, RollLeft, RollRight, etc. EZ-Script commands. Also so hardware controls can seamlessly integrate with your movement panel.

If you wish to have your robot somehow have multiple methods of movement, create EZ-Scripts for the movements. There will never be support for multiple movement panels because EZ-Script controls can be used instead:)

This has been addressed in this video:
Ahh, so it seems you can use a single BT module to link two or more EZ-B's to a single PC, possibly even running multi-instances of ARC, via more virtual COM ports, for independent movment panel control. I suspected the single BT module possibility, but didn't have the parts to test and make the "mental connection":P with the video when I first watched it (long ago)... good to know:D

Thanks DJ!
That's awesome, so one way or another (either scripting, or two instances depending on how much work I want to do), we can achieve the same functionality multiple movement panels would create without the need for DJ to do any more coding - so he can do other things we need, like video and motion control on the same web page for easy remote driving:)