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Yes. You will need to regulate power off of the digital ports unless you are going to use 12 v devices. The ezb v4 can handle it.

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Yes you can use 11.1v to power the EZ-B. Anything up to 16v with 20v spike can be used as I understand it. As d.cochran said, you would need to use regulators to power peripherals such as servos ect that are under 11.1v connected to the EZ-B ports, or they will burn out. What ever voltage you power the EZ-B with will come straight through to the digital Vcc Center red pins on each digital port. The battery can be any mAh as it's just a discharge time measurement.


You can use up to around 17V with an ezb4... Just make sure what your plugging into the ezb can handle the voltage, however....


I'm just using EZ-b HD servo's, the regulator on the ez-b Camera should be fine..

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The EZ Robot HD servos are 4.8 to 7.4v so the 11.1v battery will be too much juice and will damage or fry the servo unless you regulate them.


You ezb can handle the 11.1v no problem but your servos can't... Find a way to voltage reg the servos down to 7.4v or your going to release the magic smoke in them....

The camera is already voltage regulated so no worries about the camera...


Hmm, so whats inside the Six, or DJ to allow the 7.4v lipo in the shop? does ez sell a voltage reg for the ez-servo's?


What's inside of Roli, JD, and Six is a 7.4V Lipo battery not an 11.1V Lipo... servos like 7.4v not 11.1v

All you have to do is use 7.4V lipo instead of an 11.1 and all your problems are solved.... So except for a ping, you won't need any voltage regulators if you use a 7.4V battery

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As Richard said, they have 7.4 LiPo's. What gave you the impression they may have been 11.1v? The shop only sells 5v regulators for sensors like 5 volt ultrasonic sensors ect. No good for the servos though.


Ok, sorry got confused I was looking at batteries at the shop when I asked about the 11.1v.. because they didn't have a 7.4v but I found them, So i should be able to use the 7.4 battery without regulator..

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Absolutely no problem. Yes that will be fine, and no regulator required. I'm using a 7.4v 5000 mAh LiPo with the EZ Robot servos and it works great.


Yes, you can use a 7.4V lipo for your servos "sans" regulators...However, sensors like the ping work on 5V so you will need a voltage regulator for these type sensors...

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No problem. Just incase you didn't know the ADC analog ports, UART, i2c and camera ports are already regulated to 3.3v no matter what battery you use. But a lot of sensors and some motor controllers that use digital ports will need regulators, unless they already have them built in. Anything your not sure of, just ask. Better to be safe than sorry.:)