Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

iRobot Roomba Live Hack

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Gonna hack the iRobot Roomba and connect it to the ARC software... Making it into a real robot! Put a camera on it and all that jazz. We'll be using the iRobot Roomba Movement Panel that also reads sensor data.

*Warning: We might be doing some real boring coding to fix any bugs in the iRobot Movement Panel robot skill:D


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Hey everyone - postponing for 30 minutes. Running a quick errand to get myself a beer:D

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Well allllllllll-righty then DJ! This is exactly what I was searching for ,I just bought the easy to hack Irobot create 2 (surprisingly cheap) gotta watch this and get the party started to see what other hacks I can add! If I have any future questions you are the man to ask!

LOL! Glad to know your 9 year old nephew could sit on it and not damage it, so will try adding my Terminator skull on it for giggles and then possibly my large 3 foot tall RS media robot ride on top of it!


Haha - that's gonna be great. I sure wouldn't recommend anyone sit on it though:D

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So my Roomba Icreate 2 just came in really fast shipping from More heavy than I thought but that is a good thing for stability,new battery and still has the Vacuuming piece but to make it really collect dirt i think I can order the brushes and 3d print the Brush holder piece...I will need help with that from one of you guys or in the Forum. Well it comes ready to create robotic projects with a really cool USB computer interface cable to PC. Also got the Charging station plugged into wall,will be neat to see it search for it and plug itself in! Time to Rock N Roll boys!

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Nice, was searching all the different Create 2 projects and stumbled on a DJ video for connecting the Bluetooth to Irobot! ...

------So I found some simple driving programs that work when I use the USB Link cable to my P.C.(Turning, forward backward,flash the lights) and this other fancy program that used to be free is now only a demo Matlab but I did find another download Zip file but I don't see any EXE program in there so I guess Demo and Paid is all you can get. I will look into the Stem Learning projects for more of the C projects but Waste of time I will just start using the Synthiam software in my Latte Panda. The best and most easy way to control this Roomba.

Another cool thing I noticed,If I run the simple driving script to control Roomba with my mouse,Only the wheel motors run ,no Vacuum noise,super quiet! When you just turn roomba on from the power switch it goes into all the same regular roomba cleaning programs default and the Vacuum is on making more noise.