Live Robot Hack Session

Make Your Own Giant 3D Printer Build Vol 1

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Pushed to 7 to give family enough time to eat dinner and to clear out of the great room so I can setup the cameras mounts and arms. This is Volume 1, and I don't know how many there will be , but I probably will not finish it in one sitting, maybe 3 or 4 live streams.

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@jstarne1   I guess everything is going wrong.  no stream

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Sorry guys , tech issue , fiber down for maintenance so I gotta delay the live stream. Pushed back until tommorow, I will continue tommorow after I am back home. Thanks guys!  Planned for 6 pm eastern time


Cool - i'll be there. I'll be in vancouver at the time for a board meeting, but i can keep this runnign in the background:D


Delayed so I can get the family fed, Pizza is running late.

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edited comment to eliminate confusion.  sorry

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edited comment to eliminate confusion.

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I'm not sure how to watch this. There's two posts with different streams and multiple links in the messages. None seem to work

Can you edit the live hack and paste the correct url? Or tell us what live hack that's posted on teh forum is the correct one?

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Hey I kept having issues with the live stream planner going straight to archived, it does not give me the option to edit it to put in the correct url, the url kept changing each time i started the session. so i closed it all out and started agian. This is the one right now working.

I can view this from a phone and pc with this link, let me know if that is working for you.

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That new link works - but you should really edit this event and update the youtube link so others can find it. No one is going to search through the comments for the link. I updated it for you but that's because I'm nice:D


works now thanks DJ


Thankyou for editing it, if I am missing how to edit it after it changes to archived status please let me know. I am sure there was some user error there since I am new to streaming like this, but I will get it ironed out. I do plan to edited the live streams and add a voice over commentary later for better quality. Just to get my feet wet into YouTube vid editing. Thankyou for everyone go watched and will watch the saved video.