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6 Foot JD Live Hack.....Send in the Jets!

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6 Foot JD Live Hack (Part 2)

Astro Boy is still being benched while I work on an extraordinary project for EZ-Robot! It's a 6 Foot tall JD robot! This JD is for trade show installations and it's upper body and head will move around with camera, huge custom servos and a massive rgb 18 rgb eyes... all controlled by EZ-Builder. JD will run off of a 5V 20A power supply and will have giant servos like the inMoov. It is made out of Styrofoam.

This week we'll be working on the motors and electronics for the eyes!

Christmas Edition, Merry Christmas everyone!Join the live chat and add your comments, ideas, and suggestions!

Wouldn't it make more sense to use steppers and planetary gear for internals of the servo?  Then make a scaled up default case with H-Bridge to hold it all.  If you got the servo down, JD would be easy to scale up.  Anyway fun project. Thanks
Thanks for the suggestion @flatwoodsdad

The idea was to keep the design as much like the regular scale JD as possible, to be able to use the standard JD ARC project. Unfortunately, using H-bridges + steppers wouldn’t allow us to use the auto-position control. The customer is not familiar with solutions outside of normal servo auto-position control.
How did the 6 foot JD go in Florida? Any pictures?
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so many questions

what servos?


any videos?
WOW.  That's so cool.  Hope you realize how lucky you are to work someplace that lets you do such stuff.  Please share any video of him in motion.  Time to hit DARPA up for a billion dollar grant.
i was wondering why there where no live hacks.:)gently giant robot jd.very nice work.
is that martha in the first pic with jeremie , if i may ask ?
Thanks for the kind words guys!

Shirley the artist who cut and prepared all the foam pieces is in the picture with me.

Yeah unfortunately I couldn’t do the live hacks over the holiday break due to how busy I was with this project.

No videos yet since EZ-Robot wanted to debut the project at the conference.

 I can’t talk too much about the servos as they come from an EZ-Robot supplier but I can say that they were augmented with a 3D printed worm gear design that originated from the inMoov shoulder.

Power comes from a 5V 20A Meanwell power supply that is adjusted to 5.5V to give the servos their ideal operating voltage to maximize torque.
Cool Idea and implementation ! Styrofoam Robot!!! 


No videos yet since EZ-Robot wanted to debut the project at the conference.
When is the conference / debut date ? 
What is the total weight ? Is it moving ?
Thanks Ptp! It’s the first time I’ve worked on a Styrofoam robot :). The idea to make it move came from DJ. It was only going to be a statue at first.

With the hard coating they put on it it’s definitely heavier than I expected.
I don’t know the exact weight but it’s over 200lbs.

Every joint (except the neck) has a servo in it and can move. The feet were built too heavy so the robot can’t walk but it can move it’s arms and it’s head (side to side). The eyes light up as well and use the same RGB eyes controller as the regular JD, it’s just heavily modified.
That turned out great.  I still can't believe you were able to move those arms...even with the worm gear..especially after you showed us the added weight with the parts after they were coated and MDF added. What servos did you end up using? Were they savox servos?


I can’t talk too much about the servos as they come from an EZ-Robot supplier
After watching the beginning of Jer video I can see that these might be the ones I'm using on my robot at the moment. They are unreal 60kg/cm and come with all this hardware 1/5th scale...and they are only $35.00! There are alot of rebrands going around from lots of companies and then a fat mark up, but I was able to get them from Aliexpress for cheap. May not be the ones Jer used but these are great for anyone needing bigger servos.

User-inserted image

Here are my versions:
User-inserted image
Those aren't the same servos. The servos used are not available for purchase. They used to be, but were modified with a new version that isn't compatible with the addition of worm gear and relocating the pot. The details of the servos used are no use to anyone because they can't be purchased.
Well when you build an oversized can use thesexD
Do they have safety features that shut down if the goal position isn't reached within a period of time?
No unfortunately they don't.
That's good then - because to add a worm gear modification, that feature won't be compatible. The goal position takes too long to reach and times out the safety code.
I just wanna know, when will the 7 foot JD be available for purchase? haha, id buy it in a hearbeat :-)
Great Job, hope to see a video of JD moving.  You did all that work in such a short period of time, impressive.;)