Year 2023 ARC Synthiam What Are You Using For Hardware

Hello All -

I just started using ARC and Im impressed.

I come from opencv and rpi world.

I can see how ARC makes projects much faster to complete. I like it alot.

Whats a good hardware platform for ARC? right now using ezb io-Tiny, fun.

Also any other options for micro small camera besides the one for ezb-robot?

Thank you all for the input.


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Thanks for the kind words:)

the esp32cam is a good one and affordable. Plus you can customize the firmware to do more things embedded on it - if needed

i mostly use micros connected via usb to the robot pc. So usually arduino or usb servo controllers.

everyone chooses something different. Guess it depends on what the robot is. If there’s an onboard computer or not:)

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I have a 4 wheel rover and want the computer onboard. Looking for options for that. It's a 1 foot chasis. I have dual h bridge for motors.


The single board computer list is all over the place lately. There should be better options these days but it seems not much has changed.

there’s a list of popular and tested sbc here:

But sometimes a good old laptop with the screen removed works just as good ha


Thank you, understand.


I'm a Die-hard EZB4 user for my setups and currently use a Fusion5 Win10 tablet for the PC side. Been working well. Even added a second wifi dongle so that I can get the connection to both the ezb and the internet same time.