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New Robot , REMI

Thought id share a look at this new kit I received from SuperDroidRobots. Its a 4wheel drive, mobil steel base. All motors are 24VDC.  y plan is to move My  Hemi bot, with its Actobotics framework over to this base instead.

User-inserted image

This kit comes with a RC system and a Sabertooth 2x12RC motor controller which I will be changing out. I also plan on swapping two of the four  motors for two with encoders and use the kangeroo device.

Just getting started, so stay tuned:)


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While my programming might be a hinder, at least building will be a joy to do.
Thought Id update my project a little pic. Here are some photos of the SuperDroid Robot base I am working on. The frame is steel, this thing has got soem weight already.
User-inserted image

This mobile kit from SD, is a IG42-SB4 series....6" All rubber wheels, four 24VDC motors @ 240rpm (I may reduce), comes with a 2x12 Sabertooth speed controller and the two 12 8ah batteries. Ive started to adapt the Servocity Actobotics hardware onto it as well.

User-inserted image

The underside. I Could have ordered a cover plate for it, but Im doing my own. which will made from clear plexiglass.

User-inserted image

Prepping the motors...

User-inserted image

Close up view of the wheel assembly. Will be a pain if I need to change out the motors though.
Looks like your project is getting underway.

A big vehicle.

I will be watching your progress, all my best.

be well
Hello again,
So I've decided to make a big change to REMI's robotic base. I'm going from the 4 wheel skid steering  platform that I showed above to now this 2 wheel base, also from SuperDroid Robots. It is a IG42-SB2 tube mount platform. It has 10 inch wheels and a caster at the rear. The motors 78rpm at 24V with quadra-encoders, connected to a Roboclaw 2x15 motor controller. This controller is simular to the sabertooth 2x12, with its built-in encoder setup and can also take simple serial commands from the Sabertooth Movement Panel or custom Movement Panel if desired. 
The Roboclaw can also be setup to run via an R/C setup as well, and am currently playing around with different drive speeds for better control.

User-inserted image
User-inserted image

Eventually, my ultimate goal for this redesign is to transfer the main body from my HEMI robot to this, as I have found out thru trial and error how bad both the the 4wheel base as well as the tank track setup (from Servocity) I first used ran horrible on the carpeting I have all over here. The two wheel design has proved to be much better on my carpet, as well on hard floors.

Stay tuned ....:)
What size is the base?  Looking down the line to my Inmoov on a motorized base of some sort.
Thank you!  Wow those are $$$$!  I think I can make for a lot less...  I guess my build will be standing in one place for a while LOL.
Hi RoboHappy, 

Great going, your project is shaping up

I still play around with the Prowler Robot Kit Chassis from ServoCity  - 4 wheels, I can go forward and back, but can't turn left or right, too heavy, I guess.

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ROBOHAPPY's wheel base Video. Great work bud!

Here ya go. LOL. Your vid is showcased! 

Nice work so far. What fun!

How much more setting up are going to need to do? Looks like the directions are not set up properly to the commands. Also is there a way you can get that Sabertooth to ramp up to full speed?

Any plans on using RC to move this big guy? I know it's very easy to attach an RC receiver to the ST and use a nice RC controller to control your wheel base. That would give you real nice ramping and control.

EDIT: After looking at your pictures a little closer it appears that you do indeed have an RC receiver attached. Wondering what your plans are for the Sabertooth movement panel? Will you be able to use ARC to control this along with the RC controller? I built a tank like wheelbase for my last big robot using a ST controller but only used RC. I wanted to control the wheels with both RC and ARC but couldn't figure how. To tell the truth, I really didn't look deeply into how. There must be a way. 

Also that doesn't look like a Sabertooth Motor Controller. Is that  RoboClaw? I'm really interested in this project and will be watching and asking. I hope you don't mind the questions.
@ EzAng,
Thanks. Too bad Servocity has changed things a bit, I might be kinda outta luck I think if I have to replace one of the Actobotic servo gear sets.

@Hi Dave,
 Thank you for compliments.:D  Good eye on the direction commands. I was trying to control the motors thru the Roboclaw motor controller via the Sabertooth Movement panel. But interestingly enough, I too discovered that the four built in directions were moving the wheels in the wrong directions, this had baffled me. I was looking how the commands were created, looked like done in the java script mode. I had to convert the left and right turn commands to Ezscript and all the directions worked correctly (maybe a bug in code??- don't wanna open a can of worms though). I also played around with the custom movement panel, and so far happy with trying different values to adjust speed.

Before I started using EZB to control, I had an R/C receiver connected to the motor controller. I may plan on doing the same I did with Hemi, having both an AI control or R/C control for the drive systems. What I discovered is, these motors at full speed really move and its a bit jolting when you give the command to 'stop" , the bot almost tips over, so I am planning on much slower speed under the EZB, and the full speed when under R/C control.  I had originally built me a small relay panel to switch back/forth from the R/C to AI, and want to do a better one now.

I also still want to do some ramping speed control. Esp because I will be using the EZB sonars. Haven't found anything on the site that looked to work for me just yet ( anyone got an idea? )

Next step soon is start building upwards. I have plenty of Actobotics metal  to add more support structure. I plan on adding on  long beam (the bots spine I guess) and want to see what tipping over issues I might have while the bot moves around.
Thanks, very interesting. I'm pretty sure you can set ramping rates in both the Sabertooth and Roboclaw motor controllers. Not sure if it can be done with the dip switches or you need to go into them with the setup software. Once set you won't need to worry about sudden stops and starts.


What I discovered is, these motors at full speed really move and its a bit jolting when you give the command to 'stop" , the bot almost tips over,

This happened to me on Mr. Metal, "too tall" is not so good, I figured out.

 I too found that out when I was building HEMI :(. It would do the same jolting stop with the tracks. That robot is a mere 5 feet tall. I am hoping to make the new one 6 feet if possible.  I did happen to buy a "kickstand"  for the new platform as an option, to prevent the tipping. But I found that this piece of metal will slide along the floor, which is no good for me since I need everything to drive over things like door jams. Im hoping to bend this metal piece for the clearance I need. Will see...
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Hello there. Just showing off a little addition to the platform. Excuse the mess. As you can see, I've added a platform, just above the batteries. I may add a second platform. This platform will house the  EZB and other electronics and will serve as the main point that I will add more structure.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Now , If could just get these pictures to upload in the right orientation ,:)
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Nice! You gotta have a equipment shelf. Now you have lots of room. 

I also have had problems with adding pictures to this site and having them in the right orientation. Sometime it works, sometime not. It may be the size and shape of the uploaded pictures? Maybe reduce the size of your picture and repost? Anyway, I don't think it's us. It's the website not being able to handle what we upload. At the least the person handling the site should post requirements for picture uploads to get them to post properly.
I may be wrong here about the picture orientation but most websites I have found, usually place the largest side of the picture at the top?
When you take pictures to upload, turn your camera sideways (landscape view).
This is not always the case but if it is then the proper alignment should take place?

My 2 cents.
I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager -  free

fix any picture

If you are using a Mac let me know and I can tell you how to correct them really quick and easy.