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MRB1 (My Robot Buddy V1) Project

Welcome to my MRB1 (My Robot Buddy V1) project. I have just started my Inmoov robot build and wanted to share my experiences along the way. This past November 2021 my wonderful wife purchased me a Creality CR10 V2 Pro 3D printer so I started learning all about 3D printing and in the process found the Inmoov open source project and started reading about it and well what 63 year old man does not want his own robot buddy. So off I went and started printing parts...

User-inserted image

I am still printing parts 24x7 and soon I hope to be done with the HEAD, TORSO and LEGS. I am going to save the arms for last.  While doing my research I learned about EZ-Robot and the ARC software and said to myself this looks like the best way to go with my build.  So this is where I am at currently.

Note:  If when reviewing this build if you see anything you have questions on please feel free to ask I will share STL's, Code product info. to help promote this hobby...   ALSO I MAKE UPDATES TO THIS POST ALL THE TIME AS THIS IS A WORK IN-PROGRESS. You will also see the progression of the build as I make design change over the course of time.  I wanted to leave all the version changes in the post for the record of the process I took.

Project Items So Far:
Subscription to ARC PRO
Creality CR10 V2 Pro 3D printer with Octo Print
20 - Spool(s)HatchBox PETG
7 - Spool(s) HatchBox PLA
1 - Digital Caliper, DITRON 0-6" Calipers Measuring Tool
1 - 18Pcs Professional Files Tools Set
1 - 57 Pieces Hand Drill Bits Set, Pin Vise Hand Drill
1 - Package Sandpaper
1 - Qibaok Crimping Tool Kit Ratcheting Crimper with 1550PCS 2.54mm Dupont Connectors and 760pcs 2.54mm JST-XH Connectors for AWG 26-20(0.1-0.5mm)
1 - JST-PH JST Connector Kit, 1480Pcs JST PH 2/3/4/5/6/7 Pin Housing Connector Adapter Plug Terminal Kit with 2.0mm Female Pin Header Connector
1 - SCIGRIP 10319 16 Acrylic Plastic Cement, Low-VOC, Medium Bodied and Fast-Setting, Clear, 1.5 fl oz Tube
100 - M3 x 12mm Wood Screws Coarse Thread Flat Head Phillips Screws Self-Tapping Screws
130 - Black Self-Tapping Screws, M4 x 20mm Wood Screw Black Phillips Head Stainless Steel Screws
50 - Black M4 x 20mm Alloy Steel Hex Socket Flat Head Countersunk Screws Bolts
50 - Black M3 x 20mm Alloy Steel Hex Socket Flat Head Countersunk Screws Bolts
1 - iExcell 1500 Pcs Metric M2 x 4/5/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20/25 Stainless Steel 304 Hex Socket Head Cap Screws Bolts Nuts Washers Assortment Kit
1 - 1080PCS M2 M3 M4 Socket Head Cap Screws Nuts Assortment Kit with Storage Box, Three Hex Wrenches Included, 12.9 Alloy Steel
1 - M2 M3 M4 Hex Socket Button Head Cap Screws Bolts Nuts Washers Assortment Kit with Allen Wrenches Black(1080 PCS)
2 - Super Lube 92003 Silicone Lubricating Grease with PTFE, 3 oz Tube, Translucent White
1 - DYWISHKEY 30 Pieces Male to Female 3-Pin servo Extension Cord Lead Wire Cable Connectors, servo Remote Control Cables (5 Sizes)
500 - 6mm Chrome Steel Ball Bearings
1 - uxcell M2x25mm Pushrod Connector Stainless Steel Rod Linkage
1 - 10pcs Ball Head Holder Tie Rod End M2 Ball Joint Linkage
1 - ELEGOO 120pcs Multicolored Dupont Wire 40pin Male to Female, 40pin Male to Male, 40pin Female to Female Breadboard Jumper Wires Ribbon Cables Kit Compatible with Arduino Projects
1 - BNTECHGO 16 Gauge Silicone Wire Spool red and Black Each 25ft Flexible 16 AWG Stranded Copper Wire
1 - BNTECHGO 18 Gauge Silicone Wire Spool red and Black Each 25ft Flexible 18 AWG Stranded Copper Wire
1 - BNTECHGO 20 Gauge Silicone Wire Spool red and Black Each 25ft Flexible 20 AWG Stranded Copper Wire
1 - TICONN Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit with 1200PCS Ferrules Insulated Wire Terminals, Self-adjustable Ratchet Wire Crimper for AWG 237 Electrical Wire Connectors
4 - 12V 24V 20A Waterproof Rocker Toggle Switch with LED Indicator, 4 Pin 2 Position DPST ON-Off Switch for Car Truck Motorcycle Boat Marine (Red Yellow Blue Green)
1 - Feelers PTFE Teflon Tubing, 1mm ID X 2mm OD Tube White Connector Teflon Tube Hose Line for Bowden 3D Printer, 3 Meters
1 - 3.5mm 90 Degree Right Angle Male Plug to Bare Wire Open End TRS 3 Pole Stereo 1/8" 3.5mm Plug Jack Connector Audio Cable for Headphone Headset
2 - 3/8" x 36" threaded rods for the legs with bolts and washers.
300 - 4mm Chrome Steel Ball Bearings for new arm design.
200 - 5mm Chrome Steel Ball Bearings for new arm design.
5 - 25T servo Arm 5PCS 25T Round Type servo Horn Robot Arm Aluminum Alloy
4 - 608-2RS Ball Bearings Skateboard 608-RS Double Rubber Sealed Shielded Miniature Deep Groove 8mm x 22mm x7mm
10 - ShareGoo 25T Aluminum servo Horns Arms M3 Threads Metal Steering Arm for RC Car Truck Buggy Airplane-Red
3 - 1Meter 1.5mm x 2.5mm / 0.8mm x 1.2mm PTFE Tube For 3D Printer Parts
3 - M2-M20 304 Stainless Steel Full Thread Rod Screw Rod Headless Bolt Thread Full Threaded Stud
30 - Permanent NdFeB Super Strong Powerful Magnets 10x3 mm N35 Round Magnets 10x3mm Neodymium Magnet Dia 10*3 mm Circular10
2 - Rc Boat/Car Plastic M2 M3 Ball Buckle Tie Rod End Positioning Ball Buckle Three Color Available for M2/M2 link Push/Pull Rod
20 - 6x3 Small Round Powerful Magnetic Magnets N35 Neodymium Magnet Disc 6x3mm Rare Earth Magnets Strong 6*3

1 - LattePanda V1
1 - Raspberry PI Zero
1 - 4K HDMI Dummy Plug - High Resolution Virtual Monitor Display Emulator
2 - EZ-Robot EZB V4
1 - Adafruit Trinket - Mini Microcontroller - 5V Logic [ADA1501] for Arduino
1 - Omron - B5T-007001-010 - Sensor, Image Recognition, Human Vision Components, 50 Degree, 1600 x 1200 Pixels, 10 Functions
1 - 6 Channel Digital servo Tester with Over-Current Protection
1 - LinaLife 2 Pack 1.5" 4 4Ohm 3W Full Range Audio Micro Speaker Driver Stereo Woofer Loudspeaker for Arduino Studio Diameter 40mm
2 - HiLetgo LM2596 Adjustable DC-DC Step Down Buck Power Convert Module 4.0-40V Input to 1.25-37V Output with LED Voltmeter Display
5 - HC-SR04 4 pin Ultrasonic Sensor Module Distance Measuring Sensor Module for Arduino
1 - HC-SR501 Pir Motion IR Sensor Body Module Infrared for Arduino
4 - Male 12v DC Power Jack Adapter Connector 5.5 x2.1
6 - Male 12v DC Power Jack Adapter Connector 5.5 x2.5
1 - Screw Mount 6 Channel Rocker Switch DC Power Distribution Strip Module
2 - DSD TECH USB to TTL Serial Adapter with CP2102 Chip Compatible with Windows 7,8,10,Linux,Mac OS X
1 - DC 6V 50A 60A Regulated Switching Power Supply 300W 360W AC/DC Voltage Transformer AC 110V 220V input to DC 6 volt
1 - Camera Module, HBV-1805 60 Wide Angle Lens USB Camera Module, 640480 30fps High Frame Webcam,USB Camera Linux Windows Android Mac Os
2 - DC 0-30V LED Display Digital Voltmeter Board Two-Wire Mini Digital Voltmeter Voltage Tester Meter Panel
1 - DCDC Buck Converter, DROK DC 5-40V to 1.2-36V Power Supply Step Down Voltage Regulator 36V 30V 24V 12V 5V 3.3V 8A 100W Adjustable Volt Reducer Module
1 - DIYmall 16 Bits 16 X WS2812 5050 RGB LED Ring Lamp Light with Integrated Drivers

1 - Screw Mount 6 Channel Rocker Switch DC Power Distribution Strip Module
1 - UMLIFE 10pcs TDA2030A Audio Amplifier Module TDA2030 Power Amplifier Board,Power Input Mode 6-12V Speakers Module Converter
6 - servo breakout boards for signals/power
1 - Microphone, for Laptop Computer Camera, Little Microphone Hands Free Omnidirectional Recording Mic,
2 - Short USB to Micro USB Cable, High-Speed A Male to Micro
1 - HDMI-Compatible Adapter 90 270 Degree Right Male To Female Converter Extender For PS4 HDTV Projetor Laptop Monitor
1 - 30CM OV5647 Camera Module for Raspberry Pi ZERO Development Board 72 120 160 Degrees Fish-eye Lens Auto Focus HD 1080p 22Pin
1 - PCA9685 16-Channel 12-bit PWM servo Motor Driver Board Controller I2C Interface Raspberry Pi Shield GPS Module for Arduino Robot
2 - USB 2.0 Connector 180 270 Degree USB Adapter USB A Male to Type A Female Gender 90 Degree Cable U Extension Converter

Neck - 3 (Front 1 HS-805BB Sides/Back 2 HobbyKing Coreless Digital HV/MG/BB servo 66g/20kg/0.16s)
Torso - Waist 2 HS-805BB
Hips - 2 JX servo PDI-HV2060MG 62KG Metal Gear High Torque
Shoulders Joint 1 - 2 JX servo PDI-HV2060MG 62KG Metal Gear High Torque
Shoulders Joint 2 - 2 DS3235 SSG-180 35 KG Metal Gear High Torque
Biceps Joint 3 - 2 GX3370BLS 70KG Metal Gear High Torque
ElBows Joint 4 - 2 DS3235 SSG-270 35 KG Metal Gear High Torque
Fore Arms Joint 5 - 2 DS3235 SSG-180 35 KG Metal Gear High Torque
Wrists Joint 6 - 2 Robot servo 25kg RDS3225 metal gear digital servo arduino servo with Long and Short Straight U Mouting
Hands - 10 JX-PDI1109MG will be needed to complete both hands.
NEW Head - 15 JX-PDI1109MG and Head Turn 1 MG996R will be needed to complete

Stuff No longer needed
OLD Head - 8 ( Eyes 6 MG90S Micro Servos, Mouth 1 MG996R, Head Turn 1 MG996R)

I started on the head and wanted to find a way to put eye lids on the eyes so I started looking all over Thingiverse and the internet and could not find anything developed that was a clean solution so I used tinkercad to remix a lot of parts together and came up with this based on the below link to the eye mechanism I used as a baseline for my remix.

https://www.instructables.com/DIY-Compact-3D-Printed-Animatronic-Eye-Mechanism/ Will Cogley has done a great job outlining his project and I would recommend you check it out. 
User-inserted image

The following parts are what I changed to make his eyes work in my build.  

The SkullFrame can be downloaded here: NEW MASTER FRAME 360.stl
Top servo holder can be down loaded here: Eye Lid servo Mount.stl
Jaw Holder can be down loaded here: Jaw Holder.stl
Eye can be down loaded here: New Eye Ball.stl
Eye Iris black ring can be download here: New Eye Black Ring.stl
Eye Iris colored ring can be download here: New Eye Ring.stl
Eye Lid Actuator Bottom can be down loaded here: New Eyelid Actuator bottom.stl
Eye Lid Actuator Top can be down loaded here: New Top Eyelid Actuator.stl

I used the the following other remixed parts for the head. Head Parts.zip

When put together it looks like this

User-inserted image

As you can see I have also change the mouth because I just think it looks better than the standard design. The new eye design was a remix of another design I found online that used six servos to control the eyes. I will be mounting the LattePanda computer in the head.  Using USB/TTL's I will be connecting to two EZB V4's on the torso that will be controlling the rest of the robot. I plan on using a USB Camera, which I think I will be mounting on the chest plate. 

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Well today 2/25/2022 I created another remix for mounting the Camera on the chest.  I still need to print it out but it should work perfect and provide a finished look.
User-inserted image

Update 3/6/2022: I printed and mounted the camera in the new part and I have to say it looks good.  I used the USB camera DJ told me about and with a little bit of adjusting I got it to work for my needs.   Thanks DJ!
If you want the STL file your download it here:  Chest Camera.stl

User-inserted image

Update 3/20/2022
I have started to figure out how I want to mount the power distribution and other hardware and I am finding out that you quickly run out of space.  I still have items on order so I can't really move forward on that right now as much as I would like.  
User-inserted image

I decided today I add the neck to the torso and I have to say that was harder than I thought it would be to get all the servos centered and all three pistons adjusted.  I struggled with it for a long time but was able to get it mounted.  My next task will be to get the head mounted on the neck. My power supply should be here from China soon and I will start to work on the wiring.  I will have lots of cables to make to connect the EZB's and servo power boards and all the other sensors.  I hope at that point I will be able to start working with ARC and setting up my servo's that are installed at this point.

So in the mean time I am printing more parts to finish the legs.

Update: 4/2/2022
Well I ran out of white PETG filament so I still have the right foot left to print until I can get more white.  I decided to print the shoulders and biceps out of black PETG and was able to complete those, but now I have to order a new heater block and nozzle for the printer so printing has come to a standstill.

Update 4/17/2022
I have been working on adding the hardware to the torso and also been doing some wiring as you can see below.  I still have lots to do while I continue to wait for filament to come in.
User-inserted image

At this point the NeoPixel Ring has been programmed and installed using the Adafruit Trinket and DIYmall 16 Bits 16 X WS2812 5050 RGB LED it is connected to the powered USB hub.  So far I think things are going good with the build.   Currently I am working on getting the audio amp mounted in the head and connected to the Lattepanda for sound.  Once that is complete I will be mounting the head to the torso and start connecting up the EZB's to the servo boards.  

UPDATE: 5/13/2022
User-inserted image

I have completed the work getting the Lattepanda installed in the head and the head mounted on the torso.  I have the EZB's connected to USB TTL's hooked to the Powered USB hub.  I have all the servos to date connected to the EZB's and things ready for the shoulder servos to be hooked up. I have also got the waste tilt servos connected.  The next effort is going to be hooking up the USB camera and sensors on the chest plate.  

So far I think the wiring looks good and it is functional at the same time.  I hope I can keep that going.  The servo power boards I got from Herr Ball have really worked out great.

UPDATE: 5/15/2022
User-inserted image

I wanted to show a picture of the LattePanda mounted in the version one of the head along with the audio amp for the speaker in the mouth.  This configuration so far is working well.  Soon I will be closing it head up by screwing everything together.
The LattePanda mount can be down loaded here: lattepanda Mount.stl

User-inserted image

This is a shot of the back cover temporarily fitted to check out my access to everything so far.  I also hooked up camera, Mic, PIR, sonic sensors that are mounted on the chest plate.  

Note: I may have to lower the EZB's on the back to provide enough space between the back cover and the pins on the EZB's to be able to plug in the signal wires for the servos on the pins close to the top of the EZB's.  
User-inserted image

I have cut a recessed area in the back cover and I think that is going to address my issues.  Download the updated backplate here:  Back_PlateV4.stl
This was created by Bob Houston and you can find it here on Thingiverse

I also added some personal feature to him as you can see below.
Download the Mustache here:  Moustache.stl
Download the Brow's here: Brows.stl

User-inserted image

I need to get the legs done next and also the Mid Stomach together  so I can get him standing on the floor so I can clean off my work bench to start working on the arms and hands.  But first I need to get my 6v power supply built and hooked up so I can power him up and start programming while I am still building other parts of him.

UPDATE: 5/28/2022
I have been working on many things at once lately and not getting anything completed LOL.  I was able to get the legs 80% put together and the Mid Stomach also 80% just need to complete the servo wiring and testing.  I think my plan is going to be mounting the Mid Stomach/the Butt and the legs together before I mount the Torso to them, but time will tell on that.

I am still deciding what I want to do on the hands and have been looking at many options at this point.  The arms and hands are such an important part of this build so I really want to make sure how I want to move forward.

On another note Amazon just delivered what I hope to be the last of the parts I need for my power supply so I hope to very soon be able to power my MRB1 up soon... 

UPDATE: 6/2/2022
I am happy to report with help from Jeremie and Nomad 6R we have perfected the Butt for MRB1 that uses a 35mm pipe. I have also remixed a floor stand that also uses a 35mm pipe seen below.
The Butt STL file can be download here:  NEW BUTT V5.stl
The ButtAttach file can be download here: ButtAttach.STL
The Thighholder file can be downloaded here: ThighHolder.STL Note: you need to mirror the other one.
The Floor Stand STL file can be downloaded here: Floor Stand.stl
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I will add more pictures when it is done printing in three days and a spool of filament later LOL.

UPDATE: 6/5/2022
Well I am happy to report the MRB1 Butt has been printed !!!! YAY!!!! After 1 and 1/3 spools of filament and 3 days of printing we have one pricey Inmoov *unicorn* LOL. Don't ever want to print another one of these... Just need to solder the servo pot for the waist and mount the butt to it after that we add the legs.

I went to the store and got the threaded rod for the legs just need to paint them and put stuff together....

Completed the waist and mounted the butt and below is the view from the back side.  I need to still get the legs painted with the black highlights and get them put together.  I am having a hard time locating a pipe...  If anyone has used PVC for the stand please share what size pipe you used I was going to use 1 inch PVC but I don't think it will be ridge enough. may have to go 1.25 and up to 2 inch.  
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I have completed the black painting of the parts on the above parts and I also completed the black patches on the legs seen in the below picture. the next step will be putting everything together.

User-inserted image

UPDATE: 6/24/2022
As you have seen in the below comments I have been working on a new shoulder and arm design and while I continue to to work on the legs I have started to print out the first shoulder joint to see how the design works.  It would be the grey assembly in the picture below.  When done I will added pictures and video.

This is based on the design from LAD Robotics that you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG275hEiwps

To make it work with the Inmoov robot it required a lot of changes and also needed to be scaled down a lot which made everything more complex. I also wanted it to continue to look like the Inmoov arms as much as I could.  The below was Version 1 of my design attempts.

User-inserted image

UPDATE: 6/25/2022
We have legs!!!  I spent last night getting the legs assembled and I think they came out pretty good.  I had to make some parts to be able to get rods to work with the new butt.
User-inserted image

Oh I also added his Junk Cup LOL
User-inserted image

Next step is to complete the base and get the torso attached...  My work just never seems to end on this project.  

The new shoulder joint completed printing and it looks good need to go through and check the fitment and see if I can get it all together and working. 

UPDATE: 7/1/2022
Well the shoulder joint needed some changes to improve fitment so I need to re-print a few parts that needed to be changed.   More to come. 

I came across a complete InMoov Bender file some people may want so I figured I would post it here.
User-inserted image

FILE:  InMoovComplete.blend.zip

UPDATE: 7/6/2022
I have been having some issues with my new hotend so I have sent it back to the manufacture to be checked out I hope to get it back soon with a solution to my issues, so I can move forward with my new designs and provide everyone an update on if they are going to work.  I printed a base stand but I don't think it will provide a stable base so I have been looking for a used office chair base and have not been able to find one so until I can get that sorted out I don't want to mount the torso on the legs yet.

I also ordered more servos needed for the new designs for the arms and hands and they should be here by the end of the month if all goes well.

UPDATE: 7/8/2022 
Got an update from the manufacture on my hotend they shipped it back to me today so maybe by the beginning of next week I should have it back so I can start printing again.  I also had to order a better cooling fan for the hotend and that should be here by Sunday so I can get that all installed and ready.  The plan is to print two of the leg parts to complete them. My hope is while I am doing that I can reprint a few parts for the the new shoulder joint and also get that put together and tested.   Once I have these two things done I will post a video of them which will be another first for me as I have never posted a YouTube video before.

On another not a friend of mine told me today he found a chair base for me that I hope to get from him this weekend and maybe I will finally be able to sort that mess out once and for all.   My goal is to finally get the torso mounted to the legs and the power supply hooked once and for all so I can also start getting into the programming.   I have updated my network in the house to a mesh configuration with a node in the garage so I have great network connectivity there now.

UPDATE: 7/20/2022
The good news is my hotend with the new cooling fan is working great.   I have been printing parts 24x7...  The new designed shoulder joint-1 seems to work great.  I am wait on a 180 to 270 travel converter to come in to increase the travel of the joint to provide a larger range of motion in the shoulder.

I have also printed joint-2 of the shoulder and the bicep joint-3 but can't complete putting them together until my servos get here:(

I also have not been able to get that chair base yet because my friend got Covid-19 and I have to wait until he gets better to pick it up.

Overall things are moving forward just not as fast as I would like.

UPDATE: 7/22/2022
I got the chair base and of course it not going to work without me making more changes but that just seems to how it goes with me.  Also my 70KG servos got here and I went to mount it in my shoulder Joint #2 and I did not leave enough room when I designed it to get the servo in it so once again I had to make some changes to the design and print a new part. Fingers crossed I can make it work because I don't want to scale things up.  On a good note it looks like the Joint#3 the bicep is going to work ok with it's current design. So I will be printing Joint #4 the elbow Sunday if all goes well.  I created a new set of logos with the help of Jeremie and they came out good.  I am going to be mounting them on the new shoulders.

User-inserted image

UPDATE 7/30/2022
With the release of the V2 Inmoov hand I have decided I am going to go with that hand for my build.  This has caused me to make some changes to my arm design so more to come on that.  
As far as the new arm things are going well and so far I am happy with my results.  I am still building it and will post pictures and video once I get it more put together.  You can see my progress below in the comments.

UPDATE 8/15/2022
Well here is my new InMoov arm design almost done with 5 of the six joints done and put together. I have to wait for my servos for the new InMoov V2 hand to come in so I can add the rest of the forearm, wrist and hand to it. I have the J6 wrist joint done just not added to the arm yet. I wanted to make a video but until I can’t until I get the arm mounted because I can’t hold the arm, camera and work the arm to demo it so your stuck with pictures at this point. I can tell you it seems to work very well and seems to be less noisy the the standard arm. I still need to work out the cable management but I need to get it mounted on the on the torso to complete figuring that part out. Spent time tonight working on the hand because I needed to make changes to that to support the new wrist joint.

User-inserted image

UPDATE 8/18/2022
I have decided to go with the new V2 InMoov hand for my build but have decided at this point not to have the finger sensors installed.  So I created printable finger tip that twist on.
User-inserted image

You can find the STL file here: New Inmoov V2 Hand fingers.stl

On another note I have decided to update MRB1 head to a new version created by Shido Xen.  I think I have been able to figure out how to get my LattePanda install in the head as seen in the below picture.  I have to say this is in my opinion the new gold standard for the InMoov head.  Shido Xen has done an amazing job on this new design.  I still need to work out adding a speaker and amp to it but that should not be an issue.  But having the PCA9685 (16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver) in the head connected to the Lattepanda it will keep all the servo connection for the head in the head and reduce the wires going through the neck. 

The other thing I love about this design it uses Will Cogley Animatronic Eye Mechanism base design for the eyes. you can his work out here:
https://www.instructables.com/DIY-Compact-3D-Printed-Animatronic-Eye-Mechanism/ Will Cogley has done a great job outlining his project and I would recommend you check it out.

Shido Xen Head project can be found here: https://github.com/CyberSyntek/Syntek-Edition-Head-Remix
He has done an outstanding job on this project and you really need to check it out!
User-inserted image

I have been getting my parts order ready for it and also started printing out parts.   You can see it in action here: https://www.facebook.com/501864922/videos/564981012081096/

Update 9/10/2022
I have completed my new version 2 J1, J2 and J3 joints design and should be testing it soon. I have changed the gearbox on the J1-2 joints to allow me to make the smaller and to remove the backlash in them. If I did the math right they should be a little faster than the V1's. The goal was to lighten the arm if I could and also make it easier to print the parts. So I also redesigned the J3 joint. The below in comment #127 is some pictures of the new designs I am working on.

Update 9/17/2022
I have been testing new gearboxes for the J1-J2 joints for the last week I have had success with a 16:1 servo gearbox but I also want to see if I can come up with a NEMA 17 stepper motor version that can be interchanged servo powered one.   I have the design pretty much done now I am waiting for some parts so I can test it.

On another note I have order a boat load of stuff to build the new head and complete the work on the hand for the new arm using the smaller servo's in the front of the forearm as seen below.
User-inserted image

Update 9/26/2022
I have completed the modified V2 hand new wrist and lower forearm of the new arm and it works great using the JX PDI-1109MG micro servos in the lower section of the forearm.   You can view the video here https://youtube.com/shorts/vA_lxd-Cfow

User-inserted image

I have not started my programming yet but hope to use these and many more skills Camera, Auto Position, Bing Speech Recognition, etc.


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Ok this weekend I will have my wife come down into the playroom and hold the camera. Maybe I will be able to get kind of video I can share with you all.:p
#120   — Edited
OK I tried to attach the arm and get some type of video with some help from some kids in the neighborhood so I hope this is ok.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I need to move the J2 joint back to improve the profile from the side.

User-inserted image

Now that I see it on the robot I want to make some more changes to the J1 & J2 joints using the new gear box with reduced backlash I am happy with all the other joints.   So let's see what Version 2.0 will be like.   
#121   — Edited

that arm looks awesome . very solid and strong .
Yha! It works! So sweet! So Elegant! I'm so impressed. Nice work. 

I like your drive to make it better. My motto is "Good enough isn't". Sounds like you feel the same.
I added his new Junk cup the other day.:p

User-inserted image

haha .xD hopefully it dont itches . or he will have not pla enough .xD
Vid looks great and +1 for the camera assistant. That's how I started out moving mine, one axis at a time. Now it is time for you to start learning the AutoPosition control so all axis move at once. It really makes the movement beautiful as it expands into 3D. It is an easy control to learn.
I was using a servo tester to drive the servos for a video.  I did not like the look of it once it was on so I have been redesigning the two shoulder joints with a new gearbox.  I just completed printing the J1 joint new gearbox need to build it and test it.
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I have completed my new version 2 J1, J2 and J3 joints design and should be testing it soon.  I have changed the gearbox on the J1-2 joints to allow me to make the smaller and to remove the backlash in them.  If I did the math right they should be a little faster than the V1's.  The goal was to lighten the arm if I could and also make it easier to print the parts.  So I also redesigned the J3 joint.   The below is some pictures of the new designs I am working on.

J1 Shoulder
User-inserted image

J2 Shoulder
User-inserted image

J3 Bicep
Looks like it all is coming together, great work
Thanks!  I am working on a stepper motor version of the gearbox as another option.  I posted a comment/question in the Stepper servo Skill post but have not been provided an answer yet.  If you have used that skill maybe you could help answer the question @EzAng.
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A great site to understand steppers is https://dronebotworkshop.com/stepper-motors-with-arduino/

you said:


My goal is to develop a generic gearbox with a ARDUINO, Stepper Driver and Hall Effect sensor in one package that can be set to find home and then use the skill to set the range of motion the stepper motor can move.
Here is info on Stepper Motor with Hall Effect Limit & Homing Switches


there is other stepper motors info there on the site

The step sequences were my problems, but I resolved it 

I did get them moving forward and reverse

both the Bipolar Stepper, NEMA 17 with L298N H-Bridge and the 28BYJ-48 Unipolar Stepper with ULN2003 motor driver

the wiring - "step sequence" in the code was the problem at first

My 28BYJ-48 Unipolar stepper motor has a "step sequence" as: 1-3-2-4 or In the code I used 2-4-3-5

in the code it was
#define STEPPER1_WIRE1 2
#define STEPPER1_WIRE2 4
#define STEPPER1_WIRE3 3
#define STEPPER1_WIRE4 5

Here is my connection, it works both directions

I n1 = 2 pin
I n2 = 3 pin
I n3 = 4 pin
I n4 = 5 pin

*Note: The step sequence for a Bipolar Stepper, NEMA 17 with L298N H-Bridge is 1-2-3-4, a step instance with this in mind.
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I have completed the modified V2 hand new wrist and lower forearm of the new arm and it works great using the JX PDI-1109MG micro servos in the lower section of the forearm I am very happy with it.
You can view the video here https://youtube.com/shorts/vA_lxd-Cfow

User-inserted image
It does look great. I always had problems with my inmoov hands. I would fine tune everything so the fingers would work perfectly then I would rotate the wrist a couple of times and it would be a mess afterwards. Have you actuated the wrist yet to see how that works? I recall you saying you were going to try to put the servos directly in the hand. Still considering that?
Perry,  I did work with Gael on adding the servos in the hand and after a change to his adapter to support the JX PDI-1109MG servos I did confirm that they do work and you get a full range of motion with them.  But with feedback from you and others putting the added weight in the hands was not a good idea.  So with that in mind I wanted to move them as far up the arm as I could.   To answer your question yes I can work the wrist and the hand works ok afterward.  But keep in mind my wrist does not rotate it bends up and down in my new arm the forearm rotates.  I have looked at another wrist that would require two servo's and more strings but it would provide up and down and side to side movement which would cover all the movement of a human forearm and wrist.  I just did not know if I could get everything in the lower arm.

Who knows I may come back and do that at some point.   My real goal is to make sure I come up with a stronger and faster shoulder.
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I have been working on the shoulder 30:1 gearbox using a nema 17 the below is a picture of the planed design.  It will be using:
1-DRV8825/A4988 Stable 42 Stepper Motor Driver Expansion Board. 
1-DRV8825 driver.
1-Seeed Studio XIAO SAMD21The Smallest Arduino Microcontroller Based on SAMD21,with Rich Interfaces, 100% Arduino IDE Compatible.
1-Mini MP1584EN DC-DC Buck Converter
1-Nema 17 Stepper Motor 1PC/3PCS/5PCS, 2 Phase Step Motor Bipolar 1.5A 59.5oz.in(42Ncm) 42x42x38mm 4-Wire
1-Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor Module 3144E A3144 Hall Effect Sensor DC 5V for Arduino.
1-3x1.5mm disk Magnet

The goal will be to provide 12V DC and USB connection from my LattePanda for to the first gear box on the BUS. Then for all other gearbox's the connection will be 12V sharing the same GND for motors on the serial BUS and the serial BUS wire from the TX on motor #1 to the RX on all other steppers on the BUS. 

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Great job so far,

question, what string or cord did you use on the fingers?

Thanks for the info