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Only 3 Pins On The Distance Sensor????

I saw the tutorial on distance sensor and wanted to attempt it myself

however, the ping sensor i have only has three pins: ground, 5v, and SIG


what do i do? / How do i do it

p.s. I'm a newbie so please explain in dumbest way possible *confused* :D


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Set the trigger and values to the same port and connect the sig:)
i'm sorry but i still don't understand (still learning the basics of robotics)

if you've attempted this yourself, could you please send me a picture (as an example)
Bro. Deep breaths . Dont panic. Relax . Re-read instructions.
so i connect the black wire to where it says ground, red wire to where it says 5v and white wire to where it says signal?

if my understanding (above) is correct, how will i program it
Yes, and in the ARC software, set the trigger and echo ports to the same digital pin, for example D0.