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Is Instructables.Com Legit

I understand how big the site is (thousands of threads and members)

but if you (a member) win a prize in one of the competitions, would it be safe to release personal information to redeem it. (address, phone number, etc..)

i am not questioning the website, just curious

p.s. Found EZ-B on there


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I would say it's was pretty safe but it depends what personal details they are after.....

Are you a member ?

I would give them my address but not my bank details - lol
As long as you don't need to give your social.... A tax is at the most plus name and addressive heard of contests asking for shipping and maybe tax on your prize. Only give a credit or debit as they are protected against fraud.. never ever give a bank account
thanks guys

i just wanted to think before i made any decisions

they just asked for the basics (shipping address, phone number, etc..) no credit card (it's a free gift)