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Know Any Contests?

does anyone know any ongoing or even (closely) upcoming (anything technology related) (free to enter) contest?

p.s. besides the ones on instructables.com

p.p.s. online contests only please (photography counts as well)


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Instructables is really my favorite. They are great people there!

I'm unsure of any others. Although, getting featured on websites like Hackaday is always a plus. Almsot all of the robots on this website built by our community are applicable for a Hackaday feature. I suggest contacting websites like Hackaday with information about your robot
Hey wallekid your easiest way to get featured on a website is to do something repeatable and generally original. I know there's never really a completely original idea but give yours a twist of your personality:)
I Googled Robot competitions and came up with this...
Robot comps

Also keep a look out for any Robot exhibitions that are coming to where you live - Xpo's usually have free competitions for enthusiasts like yourself... Good Luck
thanks for researching hazbot (i'll look into that)

p.s. guys, it could be anything (free to enter) related to technology (even photography and what not)