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Connection Failures With The Ez-B

I bought an ez-b about 4-5 months back and only used it three to four times

the thing is that i used it for a robot and so i used up about 7-8 ports (6 of them were for servos)

i realized that i got connection failures for that because i was only using 5 double A batteries

so then again tried it with a 6 volt battery and then a nine volt battery, but i still got connection failure

at first, the nine volt battery gave me a little juice and then gave up on me about 10 seconds later; which resulted in me loosing a trophy in a competition

after that, i never really used it, i now tried it again with a nine volt battery and 5 AA battery to use it on a distance sensor but am still loosing connection

i know it's not my bluetooth dongle because it was brand new and very prominent

is this a common problem, how can i fix this, is it too late to report this problem?

i know it's probably to late to return/trade but i did only use it 3-4 times (which resulted in failure) and i don't want to feel like i spent the cash for nothing


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A 9 volt battery is refered to a "Transistor" type battery - and is used for transistors, not motors. 9 volts is a very tiny and low amperage power source. Also, you'll need to list the amperage used on the 6 volt battery.

Amperage is where the power comes from. The failure you are experiencing can be easily resolved by using an appropiate power source.

Sorry to hear about losing a trophy. That's why testing ahead of time is very important:)

Your issue can easily be resolved by using a proper battery that supports the current you require for the peripherals. It is not the fault of the EZ-B:)
what power source/battery would you recommend to control multiple (about 6) servos and few sensors (distance and camera)?

will two 6v or one 12v sealed lead acid battery work?

will it be safe if i only try to control one servo or sensor using the 12v sealed lead acid battery?
EZ-B can handle up to 17V DC regulators will create the same output voltage, but will also generate alot of heat so will want to add a fan.
point taken (about the fan)
so is that a yey or ney on the 12v sealed lead acid battery?
how about the two 6v batteries?
yes you can use the 12V and as for the two 6V which method would you be connecting them, guessing in series to make a one 12V would be fine too.
Just remember, talking about voltage isn't enough:) Amperage is where your power is.

For example, a 9 volt battery sounds like a lot of juice but it is very low amperage. In fact, it is in the milliamps (tiny tiny tiny). A 9 volt will heat up when powering a tiny motor.

If you are using 6 or 12 volt batteries, ensure they are a higher amperage. Many of the users here run Lithium-Ion (li-ion) or Lithium-Polymer (li-poly). They are usually high amperage and very affordable with chargers from eBay.

As for lead acid, you'll usually find good sealed high amperage batteries at battery depot stores.

a 2 amp battery with your hardware requirements will be "okay", but i'd look for at least 3 - depends on the length of time the session is for your robot to run.

I use this:

Accuguard 1800

with this:

Sealed lead acid battery 12V - 7.0/10Ah

in this:

Battery underneath robot platform

Battery underneath robot platform (top view)

and it works terrific ! Cheap long lasting power. When I go from forward full throttle into reverse full throttle, I easily blow fuses up till 15Amps. It's absolutely necessary to program delays (800ms) between the different run modes (servo outputs). I use ESC's like this:

Graupner ESC 6-12V/15Amp

because they need only one port on the EZ-B for each motor and can handle the power rather well.

Good luck,

thanks guys for the great replies

just one last question, will it work / be ok (for multiple servos and sensors) if i used 12v sealed wet cell battery or does it have to be a sealed lead acid battery

(know any good deals)

what's the maximum amount of amps i can use
There is no maximum amount of amps from a battery. It's mostly the maximum voltage you care about. The EZ-B has a fuse to protect itself from current draw that is too high.

You can use any battery type as long as it provides enough voltage and amperage:)

The more the amperage, the better:D