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Motherboard Mini Itx At4nm10-I Dead

EZ-board and ARC + L.U.C.I.A. (my french speech project with SR, TTS, reader rss and Aiml) + face recognition = motherboard mini itx AT4NM10-I dead:( . My processor running at 100% and is dead. Well, my birthday is June 7. Please Darling offers me a new motherboard.:D I search a mini itx board with a dual core. What do you advise?


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Grab you a Asus brand , very reliable , most come with a three year warranty. That's what I prefer. I use a 20 watt ltra low power CPU that can do anything you throw at the little guy quickly.


Ho, my dead motherboard was an asus. I forgot to say, I use 2 webcams in my project. Face detection with ez board and face recognition with a software. I think i really need a motherboard with strong cpu.


This is what I have! Here's a Asus motherboard that can run am3 and am3+ CPU. I am running the lowest wattage 2.0ghz OEM clocked dual core. It can accept a 3.2 GHz quad core if you really need power so this is a board with lots of room to move up. Also it comes with WiFi built in which I have found works very very well with good range. It takes up to 8 gig ram I believe (maybe more) but this is plenty of power for a bot , even the lowest 20watt CPU I'm running has 4 times the power your previous board that died did. Cooling is super important , even though I have a 20 watt CPU my heatsink is for a 90 watt phenom quad core so my temps are well under control even with overclocking 20 percent...


dont why your board wont handle ,might because of the resources need to be tweeked mine i use for some projects is a dual core 1.8 mhz and runs LEAF AL software like yours and using high end graphics OPENCV .plus LISPWORKS thats a high end AI SOFTWARE and 2 webcams TTS software is SAPI 2.0 at full power 30 to 40 % cpu usage and thats face detection and TTS running,so i am thinking it not tweeking the resources,alot of programs running not need on a robot computer,plus where you even more speed you use SSD lot telling everyone so many times SSD is the fastest hard drive,lowest power,no vibration damage and i guess you are using WINDOWS 7 witch will really slow it down windows xp pro always the best to use on robots,not one major robotic company uses windows 7 in thier design ,even the lastest designs and alot more high tech then a ny robot designs we can make