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Motherboard Mini Itx At4nm10-I Dead

EZ-board and ARC + L.U.C.I.A. (my french speech project with SR, TTS, reader rss and Aiml) + face recognition = motherboard mini itx AT4NM10-I dead:( . My processor running at 100% and is dead. Well, my birthday is June 7. Please Darling offers me a new motherboard.:D
I search a mini itx board with a dual core. What do you advise?


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Grab you a Asus brand , very reliable , most come with a three year warranty. That's what I prefer. I use a 20 watt ltra low power CPU that can do anything you throw at the little guy quickly.
Ho, my dead motherboard was an asus. I forgot to say, I use 2 webcams in my project. Face detection with ez board and face recognition with a software. I think i really need a motherboard with strong cpu.
This is what I have! Here's a Asus motherboard that can run am3 and am3+ CPU. I am running the lowest wattage 2.0ghz OEM clocked dual core. It can accept a 3.2 GHz quad core if you really need power so this is a board with lots of room to move up. Also it comes with WiFi built in which I have found works very very well with good range. It takes up to 8 gig ram I believe (maybe more) but this is plenty of power for a bot , even the lowest 20watt CPU I'm running has 4 times the power your previous board that died did. Cooling is super important , even though I have a 20 watt CPU my heatsink is for a 90 watt phenom quad core so my temps are well under control even with overclocking 20 percent... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131659R
dont why your board wont handle ,might because of the resources need to be tweeked
mine i use for some projects is a dual core 1.8 mhz and runs LEAF AL software like yours and using high end graphics OPENCV .plus LISPWORKS thats a high end AI SOFTWARE and 2 webcams
TTS software is SAPI 2.0 at full power 30 to 40 % cpu usage and thats face detection and TTS running,so i am thinking it not tweeking the resources,alot of programs running not need on a robot computer,plus where you even more speed you use SSD lot telling everyone so many times
SSD is the fastest hard drive,lowest power,no vibration damage
and i guess you are using WINDOWS 7 witch will really slow it down
windows xp pro always the best to use on robots,not one major robotic company uses windows 7 in thier design ,even the lastest designs and alot more high tech then a ny robot designs we can make