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Speech Recognition And Rss Feed

Hi, I have a little subject. In a future update, would it be possible to use the speech recognition to request weather, news, reading email or read an RSS feed ? I saw this with Processing and i think it's interesting.


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I'd be interested in the answers for your question too!


Download latest ARC and use the following script commands... (Check the panel on the right in the Script Editor for the command syntax)

SpeakTwitter or SpeakRSS


say("Here is the most recent news update")
speakrss("";, 0)


That is Excellent D.J.

Now here is what I wish to do:

RSS feeds:

News, Weather, Time, Date, Day of the Week, Astrology for that day(Horoscope), Also, wikipedia, WolfRam Alpha, Things that happened on this day in History, Thought for Today (heavy thinking), Amusing Quote for today, Daily Joke, Daily (Inspirational Thought) Possibly Emails and Tweets. Also want it to hook to a Chatbot to interface all of these together.

I know it sounds like a lot, but it is basically all the same type of stuff. This would make me a happy man. My current robot does only five of these now.



Works Great with Latest version of ARC!



@moviemaker you can do all of those things with the rss feed

Synthia will be introduced soon. It blows leaf out of the water.;)


Yup. Thought it was neat many years ago


DJ please tell us what synthia can do biggest is full emotions and CSLU ANIMATED FACE,plus faster microcontroller another item to see if can use ROS software have you heard of it,its more advance on all function,like 3d navigation does it have that like LEAF does or can it be added


EZ-B is faster than the leaf microcontroller.

ROS is less advanced than EZ-B SDK.


sorry i disagree ,main reason it has at least 1000 modules and interfaces was coomparing the leaf microcontroller to you cpu yours does has some good and bads as leaf microcontroller .like flash is only 80k compare to 512k on leaf microcontroller and same with ram and eeprom much higher 16 channel analog 10 bit compare to 8 channel analog rest it about the same,i dont know whats the speed of your CPU


it sure does. they distribute a bunch of open source libraries with it. doesn't mean ROS is great. it means ROS + opencv + anything else = something neat. But EZ-SDK + opencv + everything else = even better.

Spend some time with EZ-SDK:)


I KNOW ros sortware is used by all the larger robot companies opencv only for vision does synthia have cslu facial emotions ,and ai emotions

DJ here is info on CSLU



do have to be a progammer almost to use EZ-SDK i see about LEAF programming is all done also on EZB i dont see encoders hook up for motor feedback

from what i see there is a lot of people who build robots that are not programmers using like C++ sop thats where the SDK is a problem,now i starting to learn C++ buts its very hard i do know LISP AI software that most AI ROBOT DESIGNERS USE NOW one we use is LISPWORKS,there many other LISP software made for AI ROBOT designs most of the major colleges use LISP SOFTWARE in the robotics classes like FSU


Many large companies use EZ-Robot. More than you think:) And bigger projects than you can imagine;) . Due to the speed and power of the sdk and gui. The gui also supports C# and VB embedded within it. Plus many other features. You can read about EZ-Robot features by browsing the website, or checking the About section to get an idea of what the future has in store:)

Leaf Project is neat. I like it.


havent seen any yet,i meen the $5000 to $100000 designs i have many i can list

will you be asdding more memory to EZB it is super small only 80k ,other like motorola (leaf micro) 512k,and arduino has and basic stamp has added memory chip to it


I'm a more effecient programmer, so 80k is more than enough:) . Sorry, i can't tell you who are largest companeis and supporters are.


DJ, I have a leaf robot also. I absolutely LOVE it. But, I also love the EZBoard and I am SOOOO Excited about Synthia. I absolutely can not wait. Leaf is Phenomenal. But, I really need more. Hope it is soon! and although I like programming, I am not very good or fast at it. So, I hope Synthia will be EZ. I am a A.I. Freak. I really love A.I. and it is the driving force in robotics for me.

So far, I have worked with Lisp, C, Robo-realm, Microsoft's Robotics Studio, and tried very hard to download and conquer ROS. I do good with Ubuntu, but not ROS. Every robot that I have except Leaf is just sitting there waiting. I was thinking once I get QBO in, I will probably have a better time with ROS. That is IF they have a good simple GUI. I have a Turtle-bot, and two extra Roombas that are just sitting there. I don't want them to just go left,right,forward , backwards on my voice command, I want the to autonomously get around. I want them to follow my face, a colored object, movement. But, I have a kinect on them, not sensors. My wife said NO MORE ROOMBA money. So, no sensors. So , you see, I have a delima. It seems that all the programs do ONE job very well. But, what I need is GLUE to glue the subroutines altogether. It has been too difficult for me. Your program is about the EZest of all the systems to understand and operate. I am not as fast as you are, but I can copy examples that you give.

God Bless YOU!! D.J.

thanks, Mel


of all the big major selling robots i have seen (over 50) havent seen yet the EZB support,be a great for sensor and interface support i hope soon they will start using it in the robots for selling

DJ big question on SYNTHIA will it need a programmer like EZ-SDK or easy to use GUI with scripts 80k might be ok for awhile but as stuff is added will need more,also more memory ,you you have faster speed,video take up the most speed and animations needs more speed

MEL ROS is not really hard to use,what good about it is it uses LINUX witch is used in alot of robot designs almost more and maybe more then WINDOWS i have tried mostly all types of robot designs and software ,like ROS ,microsoft robotics,serverbot using a IROBOT CREATE and many many others and built them to compare i know some programming .LISPWORKS,LITTLE c++ I AM LEARING,arduino and basic stamp and few others,looking to learn mostly all soon but electronic designs i am a master at soon as i finish the ezb ROOMBA in few days will make a EZB file for you,then next week after the BROOKSTONE ROVER project since you do have a hard time with making scripts

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Hi guys

Iv been watching your exchange with interest . Last year i tryed to get the leaf program installed on my pc ,It was very difficult to get working. I soon gave up trying . 2 weeks ago i got my ez_b and i was up and running in no time at all. Both are fantastic projects but from a newcomer to robotics point of veiw, its got to be EZ_B ,and all its future upgrades .

New to robotics.



Come on Synthia ! I can wait though! I have the patients of a 7 year old! LOL ! is it done yet?

How about now ?


i would love to know what SYNTHIA can do ,not when it comes out is important to me

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ITs like XMASS again hehe:)


stevec leaf is very easy to install,you need to join the yahoo club for any problems,mostly depend if using WINDOWS 7 OR WINDOWS XP PRO installing in WINDOWS XP PRO very easy,even when i started using more then 4 years ago it install almost easy,dirrections on on the website,and help is on the yahoo club and WIKI and then when i didnt know anything about programming too

now on WINDOWS 7 it is a little harder to install,need to put files in the right folder and change one of the file names to match windows xp pro install

let me know what the problem is and i can slove it pretty easy

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HI Robotmaker

Thanks for the offer of help . I cant remeber what the problem was now . But i followed the install advice on the main leaf site and it did not work??.

As i said soon gave up on it , im sure lots of people have it running no problem . I dont have much time to spend on my hobbies because of other pressing things, (work , life , and all that other stuff):D . So its ez_b for me.

Again thanks for the offer of help .




STEVENC are you using WINDOWS 7 or WINDOWS XP PRO that makes a major difference on setting it up,plus added new OPENCV2.0 ,file name needs to be changed file locations in WINDOWS7 is different then WINDOWS XP PRO,plus apdate SAPI FILE FOR VOICE IS DIFFERENT TOO everyone goes to the main website witch is good,but there are update file that are needed for newer software that is in the LEAF YAHOO club,plus help on installing on WINDOWS 7 what i found out testing windows 7 with windows xp pro,that battery goes dead faster one main reason 64 bits instead of 32 bits,plus adeed memory and processor and board adds more if you look at the major commerical robots made all use windows xp pro or linux,like the big one hanson robot at $46000 ,corebot,all nasa robots use windows xp pro and many more

Kumotek VisiON 4G Advanced Humanoid Robot use windows xp pro $46,000 japan honda robot near $100,000 2 windows xp pro just to name a few