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Mininowboard Max For Embedded System

Hello, do you think this can be an interesting alternative to cards mini itx for a embedded system? I saw that we could install Windows 8.1 on an SSD with this board. What do you think about this?



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Interesting, but you would need to add WiFi (USB to WiFi adapter would work) and when you add up the cost of the processor, memory, WiFi, SSD, Windows 8.1 license, and whatever the board itself costs, I think you would do better with something like an ASUS W3-810 which includes all of that, plus a touchscreen.

ASUS W3-810 is also very interesting, thank you (for another project), but I didn't really need touch screen in my project. I did need only a Wifi dongle and a USB webcam. What is interesting with this card is the 5V DC power and small size. But is it enough for EZ-B? I don't know.
I have an Acer W3 with Win 8.1... works great with ARC....:)
Yeah, meant Acer not ASUS.

Back to the original question, yeah, 5V makes it interesting. If it runs Windows 8.1 (not RT) it should work with ARC. The main thing to be concerned about is video processing (and voice recognition if you plan on using it). Both are processor intensive, but the available dual core processor should be sufficient.

Acer now has an upgrade to the W3. It's called,... ready?...... the Acer Iconia W4! It sports a much faster quad-core, 1.33GHz Atom Z3740 processor. The W3 was a older Duel Core. They say you cant play the latest 3D games like a visually intensive game of BioShock Infinite but will play a smooth frame rate of an older release of Half-Life 2. Maybe that will give you an idea of what this will handle. The display is also much better and it's a tad lighter then the W3.

I found the 64 GB version of the W4 on Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping if you're a member) for just under $300 USD. Here's a review:
Acer W4