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Openjarvis-Kalliope Or Similar With Ezb

I've been looking around in the Forums and have seen some speech being used with EZB, but does anyone have a working example being used with say OpenJarvis, or Kalliope or similar?

Kalliope- OpenJarvis-

I'm asking because some of the talking robots that I've seen coming up (InMoov for example) are starting to be ported into ez-b just a head or something that can be done with EZ-B would be great. Thanks


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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Using dialogue flow with ARC is significantly more powerful and easier to setup than those options. I recommend exploring what ezrobot has to offer and you won’t be looking back:). Combine other plugins such as Microsoft cognitive vision and emotion as well. There’s a ton of controls that makes it super easy - and way more productive.

The EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller is merely the hardware controller. The reason people use ezrobot doe their inmoov is actually because of ARC. Because ARC combines all of the features and technologies that are normally too difficult to use.


@DJ-Sures thanks for that. One of the reasons I brought up what I did is because of being able to use Offline. Online is great until your internet goes down and your lights and simple things don't work. But, if your robot can support offline / online then it becomes a plus. I'll take a look at dialogue flow. Thanks a bunch.


Offline is nice / if there’s a good one. I know someone here used the javascript plugin with a natural language processor library. You could always use that as well.

Or, it’s easy to make a plugin around one of the two technologies that you’ve shared.:)