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Fried Servo

So my son had decided to do a talking pumpkin for halloween. Funny thing is he used one of the older servo's (not the new HDD servo's) and just after the contest. I get a call and receive this:

User-inserted image

now that my friend is a totally dead servo. I think we are down to 1 left from our original Dev kit now.

I'm pretty sure the newer HDD servo's would not do this, right?

Just FYI. This was an overheat issue that caused the mainboard to die. The motor and gears still work fine and I've removed them just in case of needing them in the future.

I guess its partly my fault as this was my servo that I let my son use for a project that I had nothing to do with (had to work) as he and sister and mom went to a pumpkin carving contest.

Good news is that he came back as one of the winners with a brand new pair of Bluetooth headphones. So, all is good.

:D :D:D


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That’s a good burn! Bet the pumpkin was pretty awesome... even better with smoke coming out :D

The hdd’s are a lot stronger and use less current and generate less heat. They have a protection to not burn out. But nothings perfect:)