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Continuos Servo Motors And Rc Motors Control

I know this is a newbie question but I am trying to get a different set of servo motors with different speed / torque for future projects.
On ebay, I always read that is a servo motor with speed x /60degree,
Y kg/cm.
However, I am not sure how to confirm if it is continuos motor , 180 or 360 degree unless specifically stated ... Continuos not Much presented
1. How can I confirm if it is continuos or do I have to buy servo and modify as per DJ tutorial video servo modification
2. My kids do have a lot of wireless controlled cars on the shelves full of dust with motors and body that are ready for modifications. I beleive that ez-b is very handy to control them but I may need h-bridge modules to control the dc motors with few sensors to make it more fun. Any concerns or feedback to be aware of in case I need to proceed with that?


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United Kingdom
H-Bridges are fine, I prefer them to continuous servos.

I know the common one is the 2.5A in the store but I prefer the TB6612FNG. It's more hands on with soldering but it's tiny and is man enough to drive an Omnibot.
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Thx rich
Any idea about my Q1? ... I am still confused with ordering continuos servos .
United Kingdom
I must have somehow skipped that.

As far as I know, they are named either as continuous, modified or 360 degree servos. If it turns out that they aren't then it is pretty simple to convert them anyway - sometimes you just got to take a chance:)