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Robotic Club Setup For Kids With Ez-Platform

I am looking to have a setup for kids to learn and jump into programming and robotics using EZ-platform.
I started before with RPi club sponsoring and it was good since it is supported by jams and can use other schools RPi curriculums.
I do wonder if we can do the same with EZ-platform .
what is minimal setup that can be used to accommodate 10 kids class?
How many EZB ? Or kits?
Is there server with multiple Vmware or instance to be used?
What is the recommended configuration? Or do we have to use multiple systems ?
Is there a suggested curriculum , approach or can we build such a program?

Yes , Ez-robot is a private held company at the end. But, my idea is to push new generation and who ever likes the new concepts of the future into track and in a more structured way.

I have noticed that you have many talents within the forum community and can work on HW introduction, sensors, scripting and even hand on buildup from house hold items and tools.
Putting few names and sure I may miss so many such as @Rich in scripting, @jstarne1 in hand on experience and probably @robotmaker even with his own special arguments , he has evidently good electronics knowledge. I am sure also , that too many others are there that I did not learn about or simply working silently .

At the same time , I can see too many that likes the idea and have no clue about many of the concepts and on how to move forward .
Thanks for @Dj tutorials,videos and community support, people are moving forward slowly but surely.

This can be useful for all and promoting what we all like most , the EZ platform, that is the common factor that grouped us all together in this forum and not only the robotics or controls concept.

A the end , This is a thought that I wanted to share and appreciate feedback on how can it evolve.


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United Arab Emr
I have seen the tcp server feature.
It can help big time in minimizing the setup.

TCP server
United Arab Emr
Not sure if I am ghosted or no one is interested...:)

@DJ : I am interested in your feedback .
@hhammoud - DJ has been really busy this last while since the release of Revolution Beta... not that he isn't always busy :P. We love the thought of having people like yourself being on the front line, teaching and helping more poeple about the world of robotics.

The EZ-B and EZ-Robot Complete kits would be a fantastic place to start. At this time we don't have a strict curriculum since what can be taught is so broad. The lesson plan truly needs to be catered to the group you will be working with.

If you have a bunch of first timers, giving them a run-down on what robots are and how they are going to play a large role in impacting our lives going forward it will get them more excited about learning. A good starting point would be building the box bot. Following along with the step by step tutorials will help first timers get a good feel for the software and hardware that make up robotics.

Depending on your and the kids budgets, you may want to re-use kits or have them actually go home with the robot and kit at the end of the day. If the kids are on a tight budget you might want to consider having a few kids working together on each bot. That would also help teach usefull skills like teamwork and cooperation. Plus give them the ability to share their creativity... something which EZ-Robot is all about!

If you want more information about MOQ for preferential pricing please send a message to the Contact Us page:)
@hhammoud , sorry I'm not sure how I missed this. So basically you are looking to put together a interactive class for kids right? Is the school sponsored , something you are doing at your church? Or are you already an teacher at a school? I'm sure we all can kick around ideas of an effective way to.get kids interested.
United Arab Emr
Thanks @Alan for your feedback, Sure @DJ is always busy ... We can see that.

@jstarne1 : it is just self initiative that I sponsored with the community , I did with Raspberry Pi earlier to push computer skills and kids creativity , It worked . I am not teaching since It has been long time that I did the handy work ( I am trying now) but providing the means and the right people to support.I have seen ez-platform and I liked how easy to build something from anything in no time, for sure kids and adults are interested in ....control and robotics... And It will be a way to learn logic, structured approach , physics, controls , electronic concepts and efficient power utilization .... Using Star Wars and Macgyver way:)

No, I am not a teacher , just busy in managing one of the major IT company in the MEA that provide IT integrated solutions for Telco,Finance and government.

Yes, I was hoping for collaborative way in this direction .