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Ez-B With Rpi Robot

I am not a programmer but I like to play with computer and controllers. I managed to operate the rpi as xbmc sever, file server, video and camera sever, wifi connectivity, gsm connectivity using cheap dongle . alarm system.

I played with the EZB and it was great but missing the wifi/gsm connectivities ( expensive boards) and peripherals such as direct cam, USB,audio ,video and others that are provided by the LC or additional expensive boards. I am planing for the coming project and My aim to use both combined , however I need to find a way to use the rpi as a proxy to the EZ-b in using wifi or gsm if needed since rpi can be used wirelessly and can control the Gpio can be programmed .

On the other hand , to open a bus between rpi and EZB to transfer commands and data.

I can have my robot to :

  1. Use LCD touch screen ( already doable with rpi )
  2. Connect to Internet via rpi
  3. Play YouTube and videos by voice commands/LCD control.
  4. Use Rpi audio system to control the robot and interact with EZB controlling PC.... Siri is an option !
  5. ... Others to Come.

Major milestones :

  1. PC to EZB card proxy via rpi wireless connectivity ( wifi/gsm rpi to ezb connector)
  2. Rpi audio system to interact with PC audio or recognized by EZB SW.
  3. Create a profile that send specific commands to rpi from ez-b card for specific commands and rpi scripts ( simple example : camera face detection activate welcome script)



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Welcome to the forum :)

First, keep your raspberry pi as a media center.

  1. Think of the ez-b as an extension of your PC. It's a wireless add-on that provides hardware control from your PC.

  2. there are two options for you. And I strongly recommend the second...

a) embed a small cheap netbook in your robot. A $200 netbook connected to the ez-b and camera within the robot. You can remote access it from your phone or tablet for fine tune of configuration.

b) continue controlling the ez-b from your personal laptop wirelessly. Optionally add a wifi module to the ez-b or longer range distance.

I suggest the second because you'll always want to access, tweak and view the ARC project settings when your robot is working. It's like a control panel to monitor its behavior. Also, your friends will enjoy watching the settings and data within the interface.

None of the items you listed are lacking with EZ-Robot. I recommend browsing the hardware tutorials on this website to understand how to include those items in your robot.

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DJ appreciate your quick feedback.

I am still new with EZB .. I got my first kit and waiting for my next week vacation to go in depth with it.... I even ordered the second kit after few readings ....expecting the shipment within 10 more days.

I do know that if you add a NetBook .... Most of it will be included.

However, if I use option 2 based on my preliminary EZB knowledge:
to get robot with audio out , I read that I need an audio extension board ( i need it two ways from the robot) , expensive wifi/gsm module, need to use separate BT dongle for the camera.

I need to simplify , consolidate and sure with min cost.

Probably I should read more and practice the software capabilities .

It is a remarkable work / product no argument.


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You could use a bluetooth speaker/mic for the robot's audio, it's what a few people have done and it's what I plan to do if I can find something suitable. I had planned to use a turtle beach bluetooth headset designed for the PS3 however have hit a wall when it comes to getting it working on Windows 7. This has a jack for external speaker and mic. I've not given up yet but it's low priority.

The WiFi addon isn't too expensive. $40 I think mine was. It's cheaper than a RPi. However you are right in needing a separate dongle for the camera - why is that an issue just out of interest.

The chances are that if you stumble upon a problem there are going to be more than a single way around it and the community is more than happy to offer up suggestions.

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Hi rich,

BT spk/mic is an option but still additional HW to the pc.

No major issue at all my aim is to combine and utilize ez-b power with consolidated platform for peripherals via rpi. It is an idea that I need to think of it more and tried to share it with the community.

As you know, rpi with wifi dongle cost about 45$ , gsm dongle can be found almost 10 $ (free from gsm provider) ,USB mic (5$) ,sdcard,audio/video card all included .

Sure, with many additional feature that can be picked up if needed (Imagine Flubber movie robot ??)....

Ex: by activating one of the EZB ports linked to rpi gpio you can have python script for audio,video from your robot .

I do agree, after seeing your work , EZB active community and support, we can always filter and fine tune our ideas for the best to the community .

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I see your point completely, using the RPi was an idea I once looked upon but swiftly decided it was not worth considering for many reasons (but can see the advantages too).

I'm not trying to say don't pursue the idea, I'd love to see integration between the RPi and EZB.

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I was doing some research on the subject and found an interesting article that tackle almost same point but with arduino boards. It is quite impressive but a little advance for me . I will have to give it some time to grasp it and customize it to my EZB. especially that I am not a programmer and it has been A very long time when I stopped doing it.

I thought, it is good to share it with the community in case anyone is interested to work with me on this subject. As i said earlier, it is quite cost effective and will open new dimensions in connectivity , interfacing and functionality.


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Thanks for sharing it, I'm always interested.

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Reading your participation with the community, I am sure you do. Thanks for the support always.

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This is another approach and I think it is doable . Does not seems complicated after quick glance.


Almost there :)

I think it will be great but still worried about performance .


You can always use this: http://code.google.com/p/ez-openbot/

It's a lot easier than trying to figure out how to make an arduino code mess :)

Really, it's a neat idea - but the amount of programming you will need to learn in order to have the raspberry pi do anything other than a media player will be challenging. Also, the performance is quite limiting. Hats off to your determination:) That's always good to see!

I just don't want you to be disappointed in the end result - like I was :(

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Really , i do appreciate your advice .

The problem that I do see potentials that can affect cost and flexibility to the community. You may use the rpi as inteligent slave in so many other areas ( if you have Linux or programming skills .... Not me), It will activate local audio,wifi,gsm , extra i/o and many other services that may facilitate others tasks.

I try to steel some time to work on these ideas, eectronics,automation and robots. I did not have time to work hard on Ezb lately . Eventhough, i just received my 2nd ezb kit +additional accessories, wifi shield, set of servos , sensors. on top of that few arduino , RPIs boards and related accessories.

As you said , I can see it coming (Ser2net tool is the solution ) but yes I am worried about performance frankly.

Thx again.