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New Ez-B With To Wifi Module


I just received my UART-WIFI module from China which is fully compatible with ELECHouse module.

Stackable Uart WiFi Module Kit

Manual and Software are online same as ELechouse Module.

I had two problems while working on it and appreciate your support:
1. The pin connectivity is not compatable with the existing BT module. this may require cable connection or smal PC adaptor.
2. I have Apple TC with Apple Extreme around the house that create the Encrypted WPA2 WIFI network. The UART-WIFI module does recognize the network but does not connect to it and keep geting connection failure SSID and Password verified.
3. I tested connectivity by creating new open WLAN using an old Linksys Router. It did recognize and connected to the new WLAN using the manual process in the UART-WIFI configuratore tool.
4. I could not automate the process to ensure if I connect the Module to the EZ-B will do automatic connections and link for normal operation.

Thanks in advance.


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United Arab Emr
I managed to access the WPA2 Network still need to test the physical connectivity to EZ-B and the communication link with ARC.