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Wifi Connection Question

I am doing a Pandorabot and a camera for a rover robot that i want to have video and AI. Eventually, I want to be able to video inside my house when away and keep the puppies in check. So the pandorabot and speech recognition worked fine but my camera didn't work. I then i realized that the ez robot program running on the Tosh L75 laptop was not connected to the ez robot, oh. So:

  1. I connect to the ez wifi from laptop so it can communicate with camera and this works out fine. But now the Pandora bot loses it's connection and this is because laptop with EZ application running, no longer is connected to Internet. My next step is to go into client mode I guess so the ez will now be like the laptop and have access to internet (and laptop right). I want the Pandora bot and my speech recognition rss thread back
  2. Using tutorial I then go into the connection box and AP mode is not what I want so I go to client mode and sucessfully connect to my wifi . Now my laptop and the ez app running on it, are now restored (pandora and rss is back) but I now lose the camera because app is no longer seeing or communicating with the ez robot controller. My located IP is the defalt when I run the scan but this is also the router, do I need to change? Help!

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If you are in client mode, the EZ-B will not be

Possible that the auto locate is misreading a response from the router.

Best option is to log onto your router and look at the active connections to find the right IP address for the EZ-B and then type it into the connection and camera objects (note in the connection, it needs to be followed by :23 but not the camera object).

While in the router, you should assign a permanent IP to the EZ-B so it will always get the same address.



Alan that sounds like a good plan and I will try that but I will have the router look for connections and use that IP in the connection window. I found the IP from the router network connections and changed it in the connection window and camera IP setting and now it works. Thanks Al for the heads up. Problem Solved frank


Yes. Same IP, just add :23 for the EZ-B connection but not for the camera.



I don't quite understand could you put what you just said in really basic terms. and could you maybe add a tutorial link i couldn't find anything?


What is it that you're trying to do? This thread that you have replied to is 6 months old and may not apply to you. Do you have a specific question that we can help you with?


im trying to connect my pandorabot to my EZB V4 i can get it working when my pc is connected to the internet but i have to switch internet connections to get connection with my EZB V4 (because it work over a no internet wifi connection) so i can no longer access the pandorabots website, even though i have the correct id number. i don't know how to fix this issue if you could kind of spell it out for somebody who knows very little about the EZB V4 and the ARC program, and is first starting out, thank you.


You bet - so what you are stating is correct, that you will need access to the internet to access internet services. PanadoraBot is an internet service.

To connect to the internet AND the EZ-B v4 at the same time is called Client Mode. That means the EZ-B v4 connects to your local router network, much how your computer accesses the internet.

To do this, you can visit the learn section of this website for tutorials. The learn section is the "instruction manual" for all ez-robot related information. The learn section can be accessed by pressing the LEARN menu option at the top of this website.

In the learn section, is a course specifically for the EZ-B v4. The courses for the EZ-B v4 can be viewed by visiting the learn section and selecting to view the courses. Here is a direct link:

Lastly, you will be looking for a course titled "WiFi Modes", which is the list of wifi modes available to you for the ez-b. Here is a direct link to that course:


thank you this will finally put programing my robot back on track (if im not getting the wires caught in the wheels) :|