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Face Object Detection Variable Lingers, Not Consistent

I am still working on my project and I have successfully detected a face, then I aim the camera at a wall and it keeps saying it recognizes the face. I then did a clear variables, and then I have to run the script a few times like four times to get the face recognition again. It's not working consistently. I did the tutorials and am still having problems.



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You have every single tracking type enabled. Only enable the ONE tracking type that you wish to use. In this case, the topic of the conversation is Face Tracking. So therefore you will only want FACE TRACKING enabled. Not color, not motion, not anything else.

Also, face tracking is never 100% - so there is a chance the "wall" might be detected as a face. In this case, we recommend using object training for complicated environments.

And finally, the "linger" will occur for a few frames after an object leaves because it is still looking for it.
ok thank you DJ. I will do a basic face detection, and if it is a face, then an object detection to learn who it is. I am still not having luck with this.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't I am also confused about what script goes into camera configuration and which goes in the script. I am now thinking of breaking up the script into smaller tasks but am still have inconsistent results with recognizing my face. Also what is difference between the commands that start and enable. For example, ControlCommand("Camera", CameraObjectTracking)'
ControlCommand("Camera", CameraObjectTrackingEnable)?

Don't both these commands turn on object tracking? I don't see these in explained.