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Sound Board Color / Object Recognitiuon

I did a yellow cop object recognition and the ez is not recognizing it (maybe due to poor lighting) but that is not the issue. The script won't talk out of the ez b and instead, I have to set the say to the pc soundboard, So EZ robot built in speaker does not obey the script yet it does the startup network find and all of that ok.
Here is the script I used in speech recognition when I aske "what color"

ControlCommand("Camera", CameraStart)
ControlCommand("Camera", CameraAutoTracking)
ControlCommand("Camera", CameraColorTracking)
ControlCommand("Camera", CameraColorTrackingEnable)
SayEZBWait("I see a "+ $CameraObjectColor)
if($CameraHorizontalQuadrant = "Unknown")
Say("Sorry. I could not recognize the subject.")
#SayEZBWait("I see a "+ $CameraObjectColor)

if($CameraHorizontalQuadrant = "Unknown")
Sayezbwait("Sorry. I could not recognize the subject.")
#the sayezbwait doesn't work but the above "say" command does
ControlCommand("Camera", CameraStop)


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There are far too many issues with the attempt. Part of your code needs to be placed in the Camera Control Tracking Start, so it only executes when the object is detected. The other part of your script needs to be in the speech recognition for starting when it hears a command.

There are tutorials that explain how to achieve this, which will be a better place to start. As the information is already on the website, i would recommend using the LEARN section. The tutorial to teach a robot how to detect a color. You will find it in the LEARN, and here is a direct link to the tutorial in question: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/64?courseId=6
Definitely do what DJ suggested and make all of your " Say " commands the same.
I get an error if I have a mix of "Say" and " SayEZB " commands in the same script.