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Can'T Get Rss To Work

In the Speech Recognition I was looking to have the weather report spoken and put the following script in: SpeakRSS(, 1 ) SpeakRSS(", 3 ) Say("This concludes today's weather report Newark area")

But nothing happens. It was to be triggered on the "weather" speech term and either nothing happens of depending on the syntax, no text or speech. My pandora bot works fine but not this RSS text to speech, help. I also redid the above both lines with a 1 and 3 and without after the url



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From the EZ-Script manual...


SpeakRSS( url, [story index] ) Speaks the title and text of the rss url out of the PC Sound Card. Example #1: SpeakRSS("") Example #2: SpeakRSS("", 3)

Your code is missing quotes around the string. In the Say() command, you have quotes. But failed to put quotes in the SpeakRSS command.

Your code will work if the syntax is corrected (if the links are valid RSS feeds)...

SpeakRSS("", 1 )
SpeakRSS("", 3 )
Say("This concludes today's weather report Newark area")

However, it is important to note that those links are not RSS feeds. You will need to browse that website and use RSS feeds only. The RSS feed commands in EZ-Script can only work with RSS feeds. That website does have RSS feeds in the side menu link. Here is an example of a real RSS feed from that website.

SpeakRSS("", 1 )
Say("This concludes today's weather report Newark area")

Notice how the URL actually has an RSS reference in the path - that's a sure sign that it is a valid RSS feed. The links provide in your example are not valid RSS feeds.


The speech recognition will only work and speak the weather when I run the script in script editor. Once I close the editor and say "weather" to run the script above, I don't get any sound and this is supposed to use the PC speakers. Not sure what is going on. Thank you. frank


@frankcottnj Does speech rec understand you in general? I mean can you say other speech rec commands that work? If not you may need to lower the confidence level (in speech rec settings) or better yet use Windows speech rec training to train windows to recognize your voice better...

Can you post your project?


I suspect it's low confidence message that frank is overlooking. Frank, press the ? Question mark on the speech recognition control to read the manual. There are tips, such as using a proper microphone rather than the poor quality internal mic, etc

You can start by lowering your confidence rating. There are questions marks on the options that you can hover the mouse over for assistance.