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Ez-B On Ebay

EZ-B on eBay

I haven't used my EZ-B in months and decided its better off going to a new home that will put it to good use. Version 3.0 but will likely need a firmware update since its been unused.

Great product just a waste sitting in my drawer. Its amazing how much this has grown since I bought mine. Awesome!

Continued success to DJ and the rest of the EZ Robot crew!


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@cjmekeel - you're located in Pittsburgh too? I see the auction on eBay says the item's location is Pittsburgh, PA. If I won your EZ-B I could come pick it up personally! :)

@hoolagen1 - not if I get there FIRST!:P;)
lol, if your lucky enough to live close to the guy its all you.

but.......cali is mine.
I did buy it now for 100 , its a pretty good deal and saves me 50+ dollars. Will you include the accessories like the dc Jack , Bluetooth dongle? Stuff that came with it? I would super appreciate it.:)
I already need another one lol. I hope noone thought I "snaked it" from them because the auction had been up a few hours. - Josh