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$25 Mini PC For Embedded Computing

I wanted to share this with everyone.
$25 mini PC

These guys have developed a fully functional PC about the size of a USB drive. It is still in the alpha stage but they plan to have it available by November or December.

It's able to run Linux. I have found a program that will compile .NET programs to run in Linux called Mono. So with some messing around we may be able to get a "lite" version of ARC to run on it.

Talk about embedded computing. You could put a whole PC into Wall-E!


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That is pretty awesome! I wonder if the processor speed would be enough. I'm unsure of the exact compatibility of the mono project. I'm aware of it, but haven't used it much. I did a project a few months ago where i ported a mono project to native C# .Net for the windows environment, but that is all.

Because I use many interop commands (meaning i'm calling unmanaged code from a managed environment), i don't know the compatibility.

Maybe one day if I have time I can take a peek. I dont' know when that will be. Again, I'll add it to my list and see what I come up with in time:)
I have a laptop running Ubuntu. Maybe I will try and make a simple "connect and move servo" program and try to port it over. It'll be a small proof of concept. I may need some help.
United Kingdom
First units should be out the door end of the month, certainly worth keeping an eye on!
United Kingdom
Just to announce that the Raspberry Pi PC went on sale today available through 2 international distributors RS and Farnell


BBC news story Here