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Easy Home Made Power Supply

Hey EZB-ers! I came across this site when trying to figure out an ample power supply for my EZB project. PC to DC Power Supply! The link at the top brings you to another page with more detail on the process.

It gives basic instructions on how to convert an old PC power supply and use the 5v, 12v, or 3.3v lines.

A PC power supply will give plenty of amps when running multiple servos.

I figured I would share. Good Luck!


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Sweet!!! I have an old power supply laying around so I think I know what I'm doing with that now!!:)


I just finished mine. It was very easy to do once I figured out the wiring. My supply was older and didn't have the standard color wires. I hooked up 3.3, 5, and 12v binding posts and a blue LED wired to the 3.3v rail for a power indicator.

Very simple and a good use for all those old crappy windows computers laying around. (I'm a Mac guy.)

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hahaha I'm a Windows guy but I also have a 3,000$ mac book for Ipod development:) And I think I'm pretty good everthing is working so far:)


So then you're the one who can develop the ARC iOS app? :D I would like to have ARC on my iPad even if it's a simplified version.

I shouldn't dog on Windows too bad, its the sub par hardware that it's often installed on, thats the real problem. I just prefer OSX to Windows. Although I will admit Windows 7 was a leap forward for Microsoft.


You're in luck! Solarbotics has just started selling the Redpark iOS to RS232 cable

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Couple that with the Redpark SDK (to develop your own apps) and a RS232 to Bluetooth adapter and I believe you are on your way! Altough that specific adapter may not work because it is Bluetooth 1.0 and The EZ-B bluetooth module is 2.0.

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