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Mp3 Use With Soundboard

Is there any way that mp3's can be triggered through the soundboard. I would like to trigger an mp3 stored on the computer that ARC is on. Is there any way to do that or does every sound have to be converted to a .wav file? Thanks


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I currently use wav's. But I can make it MP3's...

I'll whip up a new ARC in the next few days with this request and a few other new features. I have some surprises up my sleeve :D


Also, while you're at it, in the servo controls, you have horizontal and vertical. Can we get an unspecified servo window option? For example, the 3 axis skull I'm building has vertical, horizontal, and tilt servos. I would like to be able to specify min/max servo positions for all three.

I'd like to have a servo control window that I could configure. Ideally, I'd like to be able to operate as many servo's as I can hook up. Thanks for the response!


I'm not sure what you mean. The servo control has a Min and Max setting. You can have a servo control for all possible 20 servos. Give me more detail and we can come up with something to help you :)


I'm sorry, my bad. I didn't realize that I could just keep opening up servo controls. It seems it already does everything I wanted! I just had to open my eyes. Still getting the hang of everything. Thanks!


Hehehehe I'm glad you figured it out :D

There can only be one of some controls. But it will tell you if you try to add a second. For example camera and movement panels.