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5V Relay Boards

Here is an easy way to have the EZB control other electrical devices.

5v Relay Boards

These relay boards will connect to the EZB and using a digital control, you can have them switch other items (AC or DC up to 10amp) on or off.

I plan on using one to control an air solenoid valve for a pneumatic prop I'm building.

But I could seem them used to automate a household: lights, tv, coffee pot, etc. There are different sizes (number of relays) available for as cheap as $3 USD.


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does anyone have one of these relay boards?

I have one and can not get any more than the led's to work. The relay wont switch.... can you explain how it should be wired or connected to ezb.


Never mind..... I figured it out when i cut the relay box apart. Closed the contacts twords the magnet a bit and it started working fine. glued the box back together and it is still working...

so its all good again.


There is a jumper on the side that needs to be set unto allow the 5v to go to the relay. I have one and it works perfectly.

Great way to control other voltages with the EZB.


I realize now why the relay boards i bought did not work.....

I bought 5v relay boards from this guy link

Turns out the relay switch on them is 12v just like in the picture. I found the same switch in 5volt and replaced them and the boards work perfectly.

So in short.... the guy is selling the items labeled wrong and i was not smart enough to see it before i bought them.....

wonder if they will work on 12 volts or if another component will burn up instead?