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Starting A New High School Ez Robot Curriculum

I am completely new to the EZ Robot world and plan to start a robotics class using EZ Robot. I have another class where I teach LEGO Mindstorms robotics. I will be ordering the JD, Roli, and Six kits this summer in preparation for the new class. If anyone has suggestions on how I should approach my new curriculum, your guidance will be very much...

Six Keeps Burning Out Lever Servo Motors

I have a Revolution Six that I have used for one of my robotics classes the past two years. Last year, Six worked fine. This year, for some reason, it is burning out lever servo motors. I have gone through 5 already this year on the same robot. The burnouts occur on different ports, and happen at different times. I asked my students what they were...
Norton Security Threats Detected

Norton Security Threats Detected

I received a Threats Detected notification from Norton Security on my PC that identified the compressed files "b7ec29e.msi" and "ez-builder installer.msi"...

Mobile App Connection Failure

I created a mobile app project for JD that uses the online JD mobile app configuration. All works well with the process of getting the app downloaded to my iPad. Once loaded, when I hit the Connect button, I get a timeout error. When I look at the Application Log, here is what it contains: 5/11/2016 6:30 PM - Loading: JD - Night of the Arts...

Ultrasonic Sensor On Jd

I have my robotics class working to implement an ultrasonic sensor on their respective EZ-Robots. Each group uses a different type of robot - JD, Six, & Roli. I'm trying to help out the student with JD, but some of the problems extend to the other robots. First of all on JD, there is no easy way to mount the ultrasonic sensor onto it. I tried...
Wii Remote Bluetooth Discovery Question  Windows 7

Wii Remote Bluetooth Discovery Question Windows 7

I was going to assign a Wii Remote project for my students to work on, but wanted to try it out before assigning. I am...

Wifi Keeps Disconnecting For Six

In my robotics class, a pair of students have a basic Six robot that they are trying to program to do a 5-minute dance routine. They are using the standard, canned, Six movements for their routine and have added a 5-minute mp3 to choreograph to. It's basic stuff, but their Six consistently loses WiFi communication, thus interrupting the dance...
Autoposition Missing - Can't Get Into Basic Servo Fine Tune Interface

Autoposition Missing - Can't Get Into Basic Servo Fine Tune Interface

In various instances with my students' JD, when they attempt to use the Basic...
Jd Profile Does Not Load Properly

Jd Profile Does Not Load Properly

A pair of students in one of my Robotics classes has problems loading up a previously working JD Profile. I took the JD to my computer and tried loading...
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