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Norton Security Threats Detected

I received a Threats Detected notification from Norton Security on my PC that identified the compressed files "b7ec29e.msi" and "ez-builder installer.msi" as being infected. Are these files valid, or should I keep the files quarantined? Also, why would Norton Security categorize the two files as threats?

I have included an image attachment of the NS warning pop-up.

User-inserted image


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There is no threat. Norton is incorrect if the file was downloaded from ezrobot website directly, or through the Microsoft AppStore. Feel free to report the false positive with Symantec.

The other file is not from ezrobot.


I too have received the same message about the ARC install, Norton seems to really hate the firmware updater.

@abrown, for b7ec29e.msi, if you click on the details for the path, what does it show? Does it show it in the ARC folder?


It is possible if you have a virus that it infected the ARC installer. I would delete and re-download to confirm it is a false positive. However, in mv opinion Norton is one of the worst AV apps out there. They have consistently s ored very low in head to head comparisons over the last few years for missing real threats, false positives, and interfering with normal operation of the PC. Even the built in Microsoft Windows Defender has been higher rated for the last 3 years. That is all I use on my in-home computers, and Kaspersky on my laptop that has more chance of exposure.



According to NS, the origin of the "b7ec29e.msi" compressed file is

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Then you would have to have downloaded a file and renamed it, or the browser did. Either delete the file and redownload or report the false positive to Symantec.


Re-downloaded "ARC Installer.msi." Removed prior installation. Installed newest version.


@abrown, that is what my pathway showed as well recently, I received the same message as you did and likewise believe it is a false positive.