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Myo Gesture Armband Discontinued

After reading about DJ using these, it piqued my curiousity so I went looking to see how much they cost, and where to buy. Evidently they ceased production/sales last month.:(

They don't seem to be showing up on eBay (yet); considering they are a niche product I doubt we'll see many come up. I found a similar product: gForce Gesture Armband (, plus open-source software at github The cost for these is between $90 - $150 USD.

The big question is: are they compatible with the EZ-B plugin and EZ-Robot?

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The big question is: are they compatible with the EZ-B plugin and EZ-Robot?

Although is possible to create a plugin. I'm a little skeptical if the Oymotion is a good fit.

Thalmic Labs got a few millions and their device never took off. I believe there are a few issues: usability, reliability, tethering.

They are reinventing themselves under a new company and new product.

So how Oymotion is different, is more reliable (gesture detection?)

there is a review post:

It seems they are struggling, maybe is not the product but the business model or maybe both ?


Really, the gesture feature sucks. It’s the most unreliable feature of any product marketing in history. It’s like promoting a car that can drive, but it can’t. Instead, you only use the car for it’s great stereo.

Myo marketed the gesture feature, which doesn’t work. The only thing you want a myo for is the convenience of an accelerometer on your wrist.

That’s it. Seriously

So, while the myo has an ARC control and there was some buzz around it when we partnered with thalmic labs years ago... it’s really a more stylish accelerometer.

The convenience of the accelerometer is that there’s a built in battery, and it is somewhat comfortable. The only other option is taping a circuit board and battery to your arm - ouch

Thalmic did raise a bunch of capital, so they manufactured A LOT of those myos. You’ll start to see them for sale for cheap... in a while. Mainly because no one uses them as they were intended because they’re pretty much useless and never actually worked.

The new company is funny - and sadly exposes the immature world of tech investment. They now make a pair of eye glasses that display your text messages. You know, the same thing google did but failed? Well, North will fail in revenue as well - merely existing off investment. Even the Canadian government gave them $25 million last week for their eye glasses. shrug It’s an obvious situation but I don’t want to get dragged down that conversational path:) it’s an industry with too many degrees of separation from my initiatives.

So back on topic... I’d wait a bit for myos to start popping up. The devices that haven’t been thrown in the trash for not working or having a use WILL appear on eBay soon.

The other reason they get thrown out is the dongle. Funny thing, the myo only works with the usb dongle that it’s shipped with. It’s ridiculous because if the dongle is lost, the myo is garbage. Lose the dongle, trash the myo

My very last comment on this subject is this: GET A WII MOTE INSTEAD!

Yup, spend $3 on eBay and buy a handful of wiimotes instead. They have buttons which the myo doesn’t. They come in a variety of colors and some even light up! They’re WAAAAAAAAY cheaper. And the best part, they actually work!


I have a Myo and it is pretty cool when you wear it under a jacket with a sphero and do mind control.

You have to admit they are better than the brain ECG controllers.


That's not a difficult comparison - ECG is make-believe and MYO is merely an accelerometer:D

Like i said - the two alternatives to myo are

  1. tape an accelerometer and battery to your wrist

  2. use a $3 wii mote

Albeit, option #1 is quite a terrible idea! I would not recommend spending more than $10-$15 on a myo when compared to using a WiiMote. Wiimote has buttons:D


@DJ Sures

Thanks DJ! You saved me a lot of time and false starts!

For the heck of it, I sent a note to Thalmic Labs customer support and asked the status of any old/surplus inventory. Someone answered back with a cut-and-paste directly from the website ("no longer made, blah blah blah...") and a link to their new venture.

Being curious as to what the next step was for them, I checked it out. My very first impression was "sugar plum? Another Google Glass?":D

Somewhere in a dark closet under a pile of 5.25" floppies is a Mattel PowerGlove. I wonder if it has any use.;)


Oh are you serious - a power glove?!?! That's amazing. Okay, you have a few options there! If I had a power glove, i'd probably take the guts out of a wiimote and attach it to the power glove somehow. The glove itself doesn't have an accelerometer, so there's no native way to use it.

But man that would be cool. It would require some creative hacking is all:D


I missed this post somehow. I don't know if I ever mentioned that I have a power glove too:D maybe we'll have to do some Friday night hacking with it! I always wanted to use it to control robots:)


My original idea was to use a synapse module that can measure the variable potentiometers in the 3 fingers with it's analog inputs as well as an I2C accelerometer and then wirelessly transmit the data over transparent uart to a receiving module hooked up to an Arduino Leonardo board. The Leonardo could then show up as a USB Joystick on a PC. ARC could then take the USB joystick inputs and move a robot, like the inMoov's arms for example:)

The nice thing about Synapse modules is the range, I could control the robot from 500m or more away:)