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Ezb 4 Controller Help

To tech support the ezb4 controller voice is not on only I see a blinking light what can I do?


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United Kingdom
Okay that's cleared things up a little bit more. I assume by "no connection to the web" you actually mean no connection between your EZ-B and ARC. Is that correct? If so, then it did work and had sound and did connect to ARC via AP mode (solid blue LED, not flashing) up until last week, but now it doesn't do either. Then it could be the ARM processor on the bottom board of your EZ-B is damaged. There was someone with a similar symptoms recently which was talked about in another thread. As this could be the case, read my post above about possible warrenty claim.


Below is the link to the other thread I was talking about...

EZ-B v4 broken. Please help.
From your previous posts, it appears that you are attempting to use the ezb on a bioloid robot. Can you please share your electrical schematic and information how the ezb is powered?

Circuits (pcbs) are fragile with incorrect electrical current configuration. Let us know the electrical schematic so we can identify the cause of how the controller was damaged and help prevent it from happening again.
The EZB is supreme to none but I would like it to work with the JD head which I think is awsume. The ezb4 is what I was going to show my class how the robot can interact with facial and color.
United Kingdom
What did you have connected to your EZ-B before it stopped working? And as DJ asked, what power source was you using?
The wire that is for the EZB which was not connected to nothing. The bioloid has its own controller which is no EZB do it would be use by itself.
United Kingdom


The wire that is for the EZB which was not connected to nothing

Can you explain what "wire" you mean? I'm not sure what you mean by this.
@Jerseylance For a teacher (and no offence but) you are kind of cryptic and not very forthcoming with information... What courses do you teach?
United Kingdom
The only thing you have ever connected to your EZ-B is the camera a JD head, and nothing else? And you still haven't answered the question on what power source you are using to power the EZ-B?

Is it a battery?
What type is it, (LiPo, Nimh, ect)?
What voltage is it?
Are you using a power adapter?
What type of adapter?

These are quite an important questions for you to answer to help us help you.
You say that you are a future robotics student in another thread. If this is the case, then you need to learn to offer much more information and details when trying to troubleshoot problems and answering questions, otherwise you will
struggle to learn what you need. Like @Richard said, you are not very forth coming with information which is making it hard to help you.
United Kingdom

What voltage is the class 2 giving the EZ-B?

How many amps is the class 2 power supply supplying to the EZ-B?
Sorry about that I'm getting ready for work but the power supply input 120vac 60hz 14w
Output 9vdc 800mA
Hmmm.... 800mah may not be enough... especially since power supply manufacturers have a habit of over estimating their output....
United Kingdom
Agreed. 800mah may be a problem. Could you beg, borrow, but not steal another power supply to try to eliminate power as a problem? Something with at least 2 or 3 amp output, and over 6 volts. A LiPo or Nimh battery pack would be ideal to test this.
Ok thanks I'm going buy one this week sorry not being more specific..
United Kingdom
Alright then. Get yourself a 7.4 v LiPo battery or a 7.2 NiMH battery pack with at least 1000mah and try again, and report back with your results. Good luck.
@Steve G.... the battery capacity doesn't really matter that much... what's important is the amount of current it can provide... The LIPOs that power the ez robot are only 1300 mah, but can provide a crap load of current...
United Kingdom

I know, and fair point. I just didn't want him running out and getting something that will only last a few minutes before recharging. A 1000mah pack is pretty cheap and should get a reasonable run time.

EDIT: And I see your point now. I added too many zeros. Should have read 1000 and not 10.000 mah. Oops. *blush*