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Plugin And Connection

To the ezb family I'm having issues on the bioloid premium robot dynamixel controller plugin and wi-fi connection. I have both ezb controllers the tiny and the 4 the 1st generation. I have a important project do, and will be graduating soon and robotics is my minor. I need some help please, thank you Mike.


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Anyone who can help is going to need a lot more information than this. What problem are you having? How are you connected, what error messages are you getting? What are you trying to do? etc...

We know the plugin works for those who use it, so just saying "I am having issues" is not helpful to help you.



Good morning, the plugin is the Real issue because I downloaded it's file, but what do I do after that in the source code? Also I bought a dongle usb for the robot separate connection. When I try to connect it to the 1st connection I lose connection which it says no internet.


The plugin installs into ARC. ARC must be downloaded and installed. Once you do that, you can follow the instructions on the plugin page to install it into ARC.

This activity demonstrates how to install a plugin:

Next, you will need to wire the dynamixel servo to the IoTiny. You can use any of the digital ports. Remember to provide enough power to the servo.

Because you're using the IoTiny, the baud rate of the dynamixel servos will need to be modified. You can use the robotisis USB dongle to program the servos for the desired baud rate.

Once that's all done, the rest is simple. Add the servos and configure them in the dynamixel plugin. Every Vxx servo in the ARC software will control the dynamixel servos! Super easy:)

All of this information is available to you in the learn section for your product (IoTiny). If I were you, I'd begin following some tutorials to get an idea of where to start. It doesn't sound like you've even installed the software or viewed a single tutorial. Even though ezrobot is the easiest and most powerful robot platform, you still need a very basic understanding of how to use it. It won't take too much time to learn - much less time than anything else, that's what we're proud of:D


Sorry to be a pain in the butt, but thank you.


You're not a pain at all:D . @TechGuru and I would need more information about the configuration - which you can share photos or diagrams or simply let us know in words.

The biggest part here is learning how to install the software, connect to the IoTiny, and make it do a few things first. It won't take very long, a few hours at most - to familiarize yourself with the platform and software.

Once you have the IoTiny connecting and make it move a few regular/normal servos (not dynamixel), then you'll know what to expect when you begin controlling the bioloid.

Have fun! and let us know your progress...


I would like to know if I design a customize head of my own how much will ez robot charge me?


Are you asking if ezrobot makes the head for you? Ezrobot will not 3d print heads. You can use a 3d printer at your local library or an online printing service, such as


Thank you DJ your da man. Ok, I'm just finishing my next to last semester, but I'm back at the robot. Here is my wiring on which I'm still having trouble with my dynamixel servos. I stumbled upon a bunch of servos made out of China, and looked at the videos but no prevail. I have to do my BFA soon and I need help.Thank you.....

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Good morning DJ, I'm using the ezb4/2 controller, and following on learn, but no movements with the dynamixel. Everything else is ok, and also I'm using a adapter hub that has all of the dynamixel plugs in it. I'm on school break from college, so I couldn't work on this project. I want to learn the software because my degree is in teaching and I've been into robots since the 6th grade.


Hello DJ, sorry to bother you but can you make a video on the Dynamixel servos acting with the ezb4 please, thanks.


Every time I work on my bot the servos don't move, so I thinking to myself that everything is ok, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. So Mr. Sures that's why I'm asking you would you be kind enough to do a video on the Dynamixel sir.