Video On Using A Database With Ez-builder Through Ez-dbmulti

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Before I start, this video requires some knowledge of MSSQL server. To do what this video shows, you will need an MSSQL server installed on a machine on your network and will have to setup some tables and possibly some User Defined Stored Proceedures (USP's) in MSSQL Server. It also requires that you have EZ-DBMulti installed and working.

With all of that out of the way, some people have asked me what you would use a database for with EZ-Builder in the past. This is a video of an example of why I use databases. All of this could be done in the script engine in EZ-Builder and could be done with text files instead of a database, but here is an example of what I am doing with the database. There are many more examples that could be provided and the possibilities become pretty endless.

I have over 20 years of experience with MSSQL and with programming in multiple languages for many companies. This video makes some assumptions that the person attempting this has the knowledge necessary to do this. If you are not at that point, there are many sources for help and I will do what I can, especially with EZ-DBMulti, but I wont be able to teach you how to query a database or how to setup a USP or MSSQL. I can check your USP to see if there is anything that I see is wrong with it, or your script in EZ-Builder to call EZ-DBMulti.

There are a few relationships that you need to know about when watching this video. David and Tatia are the parents of McKay and Tanner. Tanner is married to Kaitlynn and they have a daughter (a pretty awesome one if I do say so myself) named Rori. The video shows how the robot can change based on who is using the robot because of a username that is supplied.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will do what I can to help you out if you choose to go down this path. It is a pretty fun one and gives you a lot more capabilities of decision making through queries instead of through if statements in scripts. This is also the reason that I cant wait for the cloud option to be enabled in EZ-Builder. I dont know if extensive queries or USP's will be possible with the cloud feature, but if not, you can always use EZ-DBMulti.

Here is the video.

November 8 2018
Oh thanks you guys for informing me that he is not active anymore :)

@JustinRatliff no i don’t have any specification for the database as long as i can access it through xcode and through ez scripts to make ez builder mobile app.
So i have two applications that should be able to acces this database; one in xcode and the other is ez builder mobile app. *tired*
November 8 2018
Is this the same project that @IPIA_KU is working on in this thread

PTP and I have given some advise there about setting up a web front-end to the database and using httpget and some string parsing on the returned data to access a database from the mobile app. I don't think it is the best solution. I think the best is to use a PC running EZ-Builder and a write a plugin to your database, and then use one of EZ-Builder's two web servers to build a mobile interface for your project, but there are other solutions.

November 8 2018
It sounds like you guys are trying to develop something for the iPhone or iPad probably, right?

I don't know much about xcode mobile development, but I did a quick youtube search and found a bunch of videos and tutorials there along with how to make database apps in xcode so you guys can probably figure that part out.

To get your xcode app/database to work with EZ-Builder mobile I think you need to look at ways EZ-Builder mobile could write data to a file (like a .txt file) and then your xcode app could pick up and read/write to it to get data in or out of your database. I don't know if the mobile version (Apple) actually allows EZ-Builder to write to files on the device and I don't know how you specify a local location/path on the device you'd need to figure that out as well probably.

Another method to think about is how you might use REST and API calls from your xcode app/database because EZ-Builder script can call http sites, so you may be able to make use of that.
November 8 2018
Ahh, I thought this sounded failure Alan.

I would point you guys back to what Alan and PTP already said. Good luck with your project.
November 8 2018
@thetechguru yup me and @rwn0110 are members of the same senior project group. :D we are four members actually *blush*

@thetechguru & @JustinRatliff thank you guys, I guess I will try the plugin solution i'm giving up on ez builder mobile; it seems complicated and I don't have much time left till the due date of the project *eyeroll*
Published on Sunday, January 25, 2015