October 31 2012
RoboRAD project list:
MP3 with lots of music and nice speakers
EL wire neon lighting
Plasma Ball brain
Camera head on pan/tilt mount
Mechanised tow hook so he can tow a cooler/trailer around

and open to other ideas for cool functions!

I got the legs removed from Robosapien...he looks kind of sad. I think I am going to use the same 12V battery I used in B9 - it works great in these RAD bases and should give me plenty of power for some of the stuff I want RoboRAD to do.

I removed his legs and just set him in the RAD base for this pic, but it gives you the idea. After creating two bots wherein I had to build everything (arms, claws, etc.) I wanted to try out the EZ-B with one of the supported platforms - less building and more programming. I do want to make RoboRAD a cool bot - new paint, new functionality, cool devices. But I think this will be a fun platform to start with. I will keep you posted as I proceed. I think my next step is to remove the RAD labels and run it through the dishwasher. Then I guess I am going to lose the cupholder (like Josh did on one of his MechWarrior bots). More later.
September 15 2013
Hopefully things will settle down around the house now so I can get back to my robots. I hope to finish up Gunslinger Bob and Robo Rad pretty soon. Then I will start my new bot and do some much needed repair work to Mini-B.
October 25 2013
RoboRAD is now for Sale. He needs to be completed but everything is there and included except a battery. He has the plasma ball, laser light show, cool speakers, and is nearly ready for your next party. If you are interested in him, please email me at bret.tallent@gmail.com
November 3 2013
Very Cool!;

What motors did you use to update the motors?
November 3 2013
omnibot 2000 motors
November 4 2013
Ah....Thanx Bret. I'm working on my RAD base and trying to learn from all you PRO ROBOs:)