Randez's Omnibot2000 Thread...

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X-mas came early! :)

This guy needs a major cleanup, there was some greasy fluid coming from one of his elbows...
I knew it was about 25" to 26" tall but this thing is gigantic!
One of the wheels looks like it's starting to "melt" down/rub off so It looks like I'll be casting either slip over traction sleeves or making a mold of a good tire and casting the whole thing as one piece in urethane rubber or urethane plastic... The wheels appear to be around 3" everything about this thing is BIG! Sorry for the bad pic but my iPhone lens is all scratched up and there wasn't much light when I took the picture.

Thanks again to DJ Sures for the inspiration and tech know-how!!
This is gonna be FUN!

More coming soon...

Happy holidays everyone!!
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Commented March 2012
@RandEZ - I love the paint job! Can't wait to see what you do.
Commented March 2012
@ bret.tallent Thnx dude!
Commented March 2012
Anyone know of the E Z Bits status? Spring break is coming up and wanted to have some things to work on during the break :)
Commented July 2013
Where's the rest of the story? Or maybe you are waiting and gather parts like me. give us a little update.


Commented April 2017
Dynamat! Genius! Going to steal that for sure!
Published on Friday, December 23, 2011