Optimus Prime

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I just wanted to share some of the progress I've got done on my newest EZ-B project. The plan is to make Optimus Prime bipedal but since this is my first forte into humanoid robots my expectations aren't very high. In the end I'd like to have Optimus carry the EZ-B like a back pack with an Arduino sound shield of some sort quoting Prime sayings every now and again. I also need to fit a LiPo battery in somewhere and I'll try to cover most of it up with some Gundam model parts that I received. Here's some early photos:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Commented June 2011
Sweet! We're having lots of fun and we're looking forward to an Optimus video...
Commented September 2011
Well I'm sorry this post will be short, I have much to share but little time to do it in.

Let's just say I'm pleased with the results thus far, and to further tease you guys here's my Flickr Stream to show you a few additions I've made to Optimus recently.

Oh and I had to the classic EZ-B in car shots as well. Optimus is much smaller than an Omnibot that's for sure, he may even be the smallest EZ-B project to date. Although DJ's Spider might give it a run for it's money.

And to keep you on edge the next post(s) will include the following:

-Cheap sound module working with EZ-builder via
-Long distance transmission/control via Synapse Wireless RF100 RF engines
-Shuffling a top heavy bot with EZ-builder
-Xbox 360 wireless controller setup and range (and surprising find)
-Finally some footage

Good luck with your bots people, keep the robot goodness coming.
Commented September 2011
Alright Optimus is nearing completion so I thought I'd share some media.
The hardware additions to Optimus are as follows:

Sound Module: SOMO-14D coupled with salavaged toy speaker, reset switch, and 1GB microSD card
Backpack: SB Protoshield and Adapter
Wireless Link (replaces Bluetooth): Synapse Wireless RF100PC6 RF Engines
Servos: HXT900 X 6
Joystick: Wireless Xbox 360 Controller (with Mods) attached to a USB receiver
Battery: 7.4V 900mAh Lipo

It was an interesting find (that I unfortunately couldn't take advantage of due to running WinXP) that you can hook up a Xbox 360 headset to your controller and have a wireless mic and speaker hooked up to EZ-builder!!! This means you can use voice recognition while approx 75 feet away from your laptop/PC and also get feedback from your robot/EZ-builder with speech synthesis to your headphone speaker. Your bot can wisper sweet nothings in your ear while you push buttons.....lol. Another interesting find was that you can indeed get Speech synthesis to work in WinXP by following the tips found here. Unfortunately still haven't had luck with speech recognition in XP, anyone else have any success?

Anyway, here's the evidence of progress:

Original Packaging
User-inserted image

Testing SOMO-14D Sound Module
User-inserted image

Testing Synapse RF100 RF Engine Transparent Serial Link (9600 baud)
User-inserted image

Front View
User-inserted image

Side View
User-inserted image

Back View
User-inserted image

Under the Shield
User-inserted image

Rock Fist
User-inserted image

One of these bots is not like the other
User-inserted image

Let's Roll Out!
User-inserted image
I had to include the now classic rolling with my homie robot picture

Video Footage of testing the Wireless Link at Solarbotics headquarters:
Commented January 2012
That really cool, I like to learn step by step on how you put the Synapse RF100PC6 Module with Integrated 'F' Antenna together with the ez-b controller and xbox 360 controller. I watched the video and was wondering what boards did you use to connect to the Synapse RF100PC6 Module to?

Commented January 2012
Hi GotRobbed,

Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you right away, i wanted to make a little tutorial for you but I've had a crazy busy week. I might try to get something whipped up this weekend.

As for boards I used:

-SB Protoshield
-SB Synapse-Xbee adapter

I ended up using the protoshield combined with the EZ-B female-to-female adapters and the Syanspe-Xbee adapter to mount my synapse module as the protoshield has an xbee breakout. Another reason i used that many boards was that I wanted to mount my sound module at the same time.

I would recommend using this new product instead as it's a cheaper breakout board for synapse modules and you'll just need to find a way to mount it.
Published on Wednesday, June 15, 2011