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EZ-B + Arduinix Nixie Tube Driver

EZ-B + Arduinix Nixie Tube Driver

Updated on 10/6/2013 - Go to end of thread for more......

Nixie Eyes Featured On Hack A Day!

Just saw that Vanilla's Nixie Eyes were featured on Hack a Day yesterday morning! You'd think they'd let a brother know?! *cool* Using nixie tubes as robot eyes (Hack a Day)

Retr0bright Or How I Learned To Love Chemical De-Yellowing

Today we're going to attempt what was once thought impossible. We're going to remove that nasty yellow color from our aging white plastic! Our willing test subject is the ever-affable Mr. Vanilla Ice (Tomy Omnibot circa 1984). If you're not familiar with the chemical de-yellowing solution known as Retr0bright, head on over to The Retr0bright...

EZ-B + EZ-Batteries

After extensively researching the latest battery technologies and eventually accepting economic realty, I came up with three right-sized and right-priced battery packs for my various EZ-B projects. Introducing: EZ-Battery SLIM : 7.4V 2000mAh | Li-Ion Polymer | 65mm x 51mm x 13mm | 2.8 Oz EZ-Battery CHUNKY : 7.4V 3000mAh | Li-Ion Polymer | 67mm x...

Support For Nxtsumoeyes...

DJ How difficult would it be to get this Dual Range Triple Zone Infrared Obstacle Detector to work with the EZ-B/EZ-Builder? This little guy seems perfect for tunable object detection/avoidance. Would love to use it on the Little WALL-E project...
Bluetooth Alternative (RS232 Or USB)

Bluetooth Alternative (RS232 Or USB)

DJ, is there a way to convert the EZ-B to use USB or RS232 to communicate with the host PC? I'm considering using a mini or nano-itx mobo to...

Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller

I managed to snag a now-discontinued Pololu dual serial motor controller from eBay after seeing it recommended on the Add-Ons page. I couldn't find any sample code in the SDK for controlling it with the EZ-B so I used "Tutorial 15 - Serial Output" as the basis for a proof-of-concept controller. Here's what I came up with: If anyone else is...

Missing Microphone Bug...

Hello, I spent the better part of the day trying to figure out why EZ-Builder and the projects in the EZ-B SDK would not recognize any of my video sources. I assumed it was being caused by the EZ-B.dll as other projects I've created are able to see the devices. Since I couldn't debug the EZ-B.dll (sure wish I could!) I Ultimately downloaded the...
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