Published on December 12 2016

Mini Chappie Project

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today i try to create mini Chappie with 3d Printed material, i start the project with head Part. this the first movement video with Ez-Board

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December 12 2016
That looks awesome! Which 3d files did you use? For the eyes did you use regular LED's or is that an EZ-Robot RGB array?
December 12 2016
Great work @EricEZ The Mini Chappie head looks and works great!
December 24 2016
hello @JustinRatliff @Jeremie @Anthony sorry little buzy last day, the Head 3d file i take from Thinkiverse but i modified in 3ds Max , the eye is just a blue led behind the 3d print hole square:D , but i wan to try use oled display but i don't know how to used oled with Ez-Board
January 31 2017
Anthony do you still offer 3d printed Chappie head .What are it's dimensions