Published on February 6 2018

Hasbro R2d2 Hacked With Iotiny

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It occured to me that I had never done a project showcase on the R2D2 I built last year. The original build was hacked live at Comic Expo in Calgary Alberta with an EZ-B v3... way way back in the day. It was a fun hack, because I did it live where people could watch.

Here's the video of the original hack...

And here's a video of the most recent hack. It now has the following...

- Powered by an EZ-B IoTiny
- Video and vision recognition with a EZ-B v4 Camera
- Extended the camera cable with a EZ-B v4 Camera Extension Cable (60cm)
- LED animation using a 18 RGB LED PCB
- Reusing the existing motors with a 2.5 Amp Motor Controller
- Powered by a LiPo Robot Battery 7.4v 1300mAh and a LiPo Battery Harness
- servos for the camera and dome are HDD servo