Published on June 23 2016

Gps Navigation Using Waypoint Control With Six

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I'm currently working on a project in which I would like to do GPS waypoint control using the Six hexapod. I have an adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout v3, that gives me the NMEA lines.
I want the robot to go to each GPS location perform a particular task and then proceed to the next location. It is a proof of concept project and I do not need precision, a few meters is acceptable. I'm obviously going to do this outdoors. I would later may be have a differential GPS subscription for precision.
I'm new to the forum and to the best of my understanding the there are no commands to obtain Latitude and Longitude from a GPS. I would add the 4in 1 sensor, for obtaining orientation.

I'm new to the forum and to the best of my understanding the there are no commands to obtain Latitude and Longitude from a GPS.

How do I go about solving this problem.

Thank you all in advance!
June 23 2016
@Richard, just a few fyi's about GPS for future. The OP mentioned investing in differential GPS if the proof of concept works. DGPS combines the gps data with localized corrections for atmospheric error as well as another "truth" point from precisely located ground stations. With a long enough sample, you can get centimeter accuracy.

With a clear view of the southern sky, and within about 100 km of a major airport, most current commercial GPS can get 1 to 2 meter accuracy (except altitude which is still 3 to 6) using WAAS which is similar to DGPS except that the ground stations send the data to a geosynchronous satellite that the gps sees.

Cell phone GPS is also accurate to about 1 meter and has very fast time to first fix by combining cell tower triangulation with gps data. Also works inside single story buildings or on upper floors with little loss of accuracy. Works whether or not cell serice is active on the phone, just needs the radio on amd in range of at least one tower, so an old iPhone and the EZ-B Sensor Stream object and Sensor Stream app makes a great GPS (still want an Android version of the sensor stream object. Several similar apps, but none exactly compatible. Need to write a plugin I guess, since I habe several Android devices but no iPhones). Also has electronic compass as one of the sensors so no need for the 4in1.

I do agree that ROLI is the right platform for this vs Six.

June 24 2016
@Alan Missed that part about DGPS, thanks.... One of my handheld Garmins has it and it does increase accuracy a fair amount... Still to me using GPS in a "small setting" where we are talking about feet instead of yards or miles is like trying to thread a needle with boxing gloves on... Now if the OP could use a high end Trimble and get it accurate within an inch or so, well then now we're talking...

Been reading that new GPS technologies coming (for cars) will make GPS accurate to within mm... Now if it works indoors then we will have the indoor nav system that most of us always wanted...
October 10 2016
ok, so here is my little story...

goto(avoid the long story)

Once upon a time, there was this French hobbyist who found out a way to use his iphone as a gps data source, using an app and something on his computer receiving the data so EZ-Builder could know at all times where the robot was heading. This was great because he finally had found a way for indoors navigation... well, so he thought. However the only old iphones he had were simply too hold to work with the app, therefore he had to wait for his current iphone 6 to get old.

But here is what happened, several months later his wife broke her iphone and although she didn't understand why that made him happy, she gladly got a new one. So now this big guy has an iphone 6 ready to be used for indoor navigation on his super smart (or meant to be) rover.

:avoid the long story

Only the thing is that he TOTALLY FORGOT WHICH APP he used at the time and HOW TO make it work in EZ builder. So if anybody remembers the link to the forum that explained it, you'd make a guy very happy!:) Can't find how I did it... really, that's so stupid. I should take notes...

October 10 2016
Ok so I remembered, so far, that I can use iphone stream sensor... need to find the app now, shouldn't take long but if you have the name and I didn't update since then, just post it.:) Thanks a lot.

Maybe I should have a coffee... I got up to work on this without having had my coffee yet... :):):P
October 10 2016
Ok I got it... Sorry every body, all this was due to a lack of coffee...