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I just got my second EZ-B in the mail today.
Now I am working on my android Jen.
I am using parts from an Elvis alive and going to make molds from a manikin for her skin.
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She will have many motors per arm for an amazing range of motion.
Making her walk will be a huge undertaking. I found some powerful linear actuators that I hope to use. I was going to build a full scale Cylon robot, but I think an android will be more of a challenge.
November 14 2012
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The eyes from Elvis will make adding an in eye camera very hard.

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I am replacing all of the motors with servos. I would need to take apart good servos to use the control boards to control the Elvis motors. So why not just use the servos. I know they will work well with the EZ-B.
November 14 2012
I will be making a latex face that will have moving eyebrows, lips, eyelids, mouth and eyes.
I am still working on how I will make her head turn L/R and U/D as well as tilt side to side.
The Elvis robot could do all of that, but the motors were large and loud.
I found out the Elvis robot could have winked one eye at a time had they wanted it to.
I may need to rebuild the eyes completely to add eye cameras.
I have a small pin hole camera on order as well as 10 micro servos.
I have latex for the skin already so I will be working on making a mold for her face.
Then every part will be made to fit her latex face.
I will be cutting holes to make the plastic skull lighter or I will make a lighter skull.

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January 31 2014
I forgot to say, I got my 3d printer and upgraded my animation software to work with it.
I took me a while to get everything working, now I can build it in the computer and it prints in plastic in my 3d printer.
I can only make parts that fit in a 6x6x6 cube, but you would be amazed what you can get to fit.
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I have also printed a few robotic hands for testing.
The Inmov hand are scaled after a human male, so I need to make my own to fit my android.
January 31 2014

I am following this project with great interest. I am very much wanting to see how the face movements turn out. I think you are doing a great job so far!
January 31 2014
Thanks rgordon, I will be working on this android as soon as I get her face made in latex.
I also want to use the newest EZB in her.
Her looks may change to match a character from my Micro Robots story.
She wont be one of the robots, she will be an alien from their world.
That is they come from her world.
Anyway her looks and color have not been even drawn yet.
I need to figure out what the people of her world looked like.
I can still make her a face even before everything in my story is figured out.
February 1 2014
Great! Can't wait to see how it turns out.
February 1 2014
looks like its going to be a sexy looking robot when complete! nicee!
Published on Wednesday, November 14, 2012