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I saw that last year somebody had built a wheel chair robot and I am having trouble getting around in this new Forum. My idea for the new Robot will be as a stage mascot that can also pretend to play the drums on stage. My brother has a live Metal band every Saturday night and most of the time we have trouble with no drummer showing up. We end up using a Drum machine instead with the 2 other guys on real guitars and singing. So Terminator will be able to move around and substitute behind the drum kit with the Live drum machine signal activating terminator arms at the drums. Also need him to move around in a wheel chair , so is anyone out there that has done this wheel chair hack, looking for suggestions on power/motor controller connections etc...should not be too hard just larger than I'm used to building. This is a youtuber that bought what I just bought,takes a month to get from China and we are building the rest of the Endoskeleton to integrate in wheel chair....

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Not bad for a free iphone App, can even use next halloween if I wear full costume,LOL!
that i would love to see,haha .what is the name off the iphone app?
it is Voice Express by Q Neo free cylon and many other voices in the paid version.
got it many thanks,its starts ainstant with the cylon voice.
the app also works in dutsh language and reacts to music too.
Well these new 12 volt Cytron motors are not only high torque but also extremely fast,too fast had to modify the EZ script to search out the room with sonars and drive at 50% of the speed as it was going fast as a cat at full speed! Few more things to do before I put on the Terminator body,I have a much larger 12 volt motorcyle battery that will fit inside the chrome cylinder that Terminator rides on top of.Need to drill the holes for wiring.