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Here is face recognition working on EZ-Builder shown by Mike our lead programmer.

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May 1 2016
@Alan, @Dave:

Slow down... Face Detection and Face Recognition are two different things.

EZ-Builder/EZ SDK has Face Detection, no Face Recognition

Toymaker, EZ-Face (Justin) are first Face Detection and then Face Recognition.

basically Face Detection is something like: Hey i found a Face in X,Y position.

check Face Detection thread to see a Face Detection (EZ SDK) picture.
May 1 2016
OK ptp. Putting on the breaks. LOL:)
May 1 2016
There are a few libraries like emgu (Opencv Wrapper) that can be used for Face Recognition, is very simple if you are familiar with Visual Studio and c#.

the rocket science is the opencv library....

emgu only implements a wrapper for .net managed/c# otherwise you will need to deep in c++

I'm curious why DJ never implemented the Face Recognition feature in EZBuilder, i'm assuming is not a requested feature ?
DJ Sures
May 1 2016
@ptp, as I stated earlier in this thread - use the Object tracking type for face detection.

You can find out more about tracking types on the Camera Device EZ-Builder manual page here:

In demos, i have taught the robot different expressions using the object tracking as well - it can tell if i'm happy or sad. Here's a copy/paste of the two tracking types in question...

The face tracking type will attempt to detect faces within the image. The Face tracking uses calculations to detect eyes and a mouth. This does require additional processing and will slow the framerate. Also, detecting images within a video stream with many complicated objects will return false positives. Use the Face Tracking against a white wall or non-complicated background. If you wish to detect specific faces, use the Object Tracking type, as you can train your face as an object.

This is an advanced computer vision learning tracking type that gives you the ability to teach the robot an object (such as a face, logo, etc.) and have it detect it. Computer vision learning is very experimental and requires patience and consistent lighting. The object training is done in the Object tab, which is settings for the object. Remember, settings for specific tracking types are configured within their tab in the Camera Control. Some tracking types have additional setting/parameters within the Camera Settings (gear icon).
May 1 2016


Slow down... Face Detection and Face Recognition are two different things

As DJ said, Object recognition recognizes specific faces as well as other objects. It was added to EZ-Builder after EZ-Face and works just as well at face recognition (not just detection).

Like I said, responding to 2 year old threads without checking current capabilities of the product are counter-productive.