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That's awesome news, I assume you used external software for the face recognition part? If so, I'd be very interested in knowing the methods used to bridge the gap between the software.

Edit: If I would have looked closer I'd have known:) Telnet works OK I assume (great news for me as this is how I plan to do similar in the very near future)

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Great work This is very good news that I was looking for. Hope to share this soon.

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Oh yeah, and is your software going to be available to us? Free or paid? How do I get it? I can think of a whole bunch of uses for it on my Jarvis project just off the top of my head.


Wow! I am extremely interested in this. This is a big step. Hope it will be available to all of us.


OK, I'm completely looking forward to seeing where this goes!

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Our plans are to make an EZ-B and ARC version of our EZ:2 robot if we can get an agreement with DJ in place which is currently in discussion. If and when this is in place then the full EZ:2 development will be available to existing EZ-B users (to purchase) from an amazing looking new body, head and arms right down to the face recognition module when the development phase is complete. Users will be able to buy whatever parts of the EZ;2 robot kit they want, some may just go for the amazing professional looking molded body shell while others will probably buy the whole robot. We have no pricing yet, but we want all this to be available at hobbyist level and affordable.


I know this may be a dumb question but will this only be available with the EZ:2 robot or can will marry the software to our existing robot. Great job though I have been wanting face rec for a long time.

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@Tymtravler Like all components of the EZ:2 robot, face recognition will be available for existing EZ-B users to use on their own robots, glad you like it, ARC with face recognition is going to be awesome!


is this really going to happen? In an earlier post you said you are still talking and working things out with DJ.


Hey toymaker, I am alot like Dave. This is great, face recoginition, will be ready for existing EZ-Robot users robots. I want to advance my existing robot and maybe build an advanced robot with new EZ-Robot 2? AIMEC robot components and features. Thank you D J Sures and toymaker (tony) Steve S


@toymaker- if your looking for someone state side to make low number runs of fiberglass , FPR ( fiber reinforced plastic resin) or liquid resin body parts casted from molds I can pop out copies for you without the restriction of minimum production runs once molds are made from your prototype. I Do copies from production molds.


@jstarne1 Josh wow that would be very cool and certainly an "ally" for revolution! That certainly gets my creative mind ticking.....Right now as you know I am working in brass, copper and wood ...but I am sure my robot will want "company" at some point!:)


I'm for sure interested in the facial recognition , but my "baby" is JARVIS. Keep us updated on it and if you ever need body shells produced my email is

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Dave the EZ:2 is certainly going to happen, I have one of the first pre-production units in front of me now, and its an awesome looking robot. We are keeping the EZ:2 design under wraps until its launch which could be the end of this year, DJ and team have seen the EZ:2 and seem to like it a lot. The EZ:2 will do almost everything that the EZ:1 our development platform does. I am very hopeful that the ARC version is going to happen, my belief/goals in robotics are so similar to DJ's that would make it perfect working together on an ARC version of the EZ:2. I expect at some point DJ will make some comments on this.

Steve thanks for your interest, yes there will be other neat tech available, we have a self learning Ai core that will link in to the EZ:2 also things like IR controller emulator where the EZ:2 can control any device (like TV, radio etc) that uses an IR controller. The EZ:2 can also wireless control X10 modules so can control house lights etc. Other things on the design schedule are a sound localisation module where the EZ:2 can track a sound source to an accuracy of 3 degrees (we have a working prototype). We are also testing an RF location system that can accurately pinpoint a micro transponder even in another room, this will be useful in our docking/charger pod.

Josh that is very interesting and thanks for the offer, the EZ:2 has been cleverly designed into 3 sections that can be placed inside each other to reduce shipping volume as this is a big robot and shipping costs are a concern. We hope to sell a lot of EZ:2 body shells to the States so having a local producer like yourself could be a great idea and would help with shipping costs and delivery time, I will talk to Steve Cole our modelmaker on this and see what he thinks.

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That's all great news, I'm excited to see where it all heads and to see the EZ:2. A lot of those features have been asked for and discussed at great length in the past, you're going to have a popular robot.



Will the self learning Ai software be available separately?

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@Rgordon The Ai core needs a front end interface of some kind either a robot (like the AIMEC series) or virtual human like our ARIEL so interfacing the core with just any robotic system will be complex and need to be done by our own programmers, so we will only be able to support a limited number of platforms, and ARC could be a good one as it would give you all the chance to play with some real high level Ai.

If you are interested in our Ai core, let me have your email details and I will send you a unlisted link to a youtube video showing the Ai in action, you will also see its conversation engine and many other features.



Thanks. Here's the details:


@Toymaker Please send me the link also, I to am excited about your AI


Toymaker, I am interested in your AIMEC EZ-2 robot with encoder location and face ID software. I like that DJ Sures is working with you. I want to advance my current robot and build an advanced one. EZ Robot has been the best advancement since getting into robotics 25 years ago. Thank you Tony and DJ Sures. Steve S.

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Rex, Tymtravler, Steve

I have sent you all the link to our Ai video, if you want to ask any questions about our Ai core then please use this thread and I will be happy to answer them.



I am really excited about the face recognition capabilities for my bot when it is in "security" mode. How many individual faces can your app identify? I would be looking for 3-4. False negatives would be OK because I would have a couple of different methods available to tell the bot that a person is a friend, but false positives would be a bad bad thing. I don't want any chance of it thinking an intruder is a valid person. I would also want to be able to recognize my cat as belonging so she doesn't get pelted by permanent ink paint balls:)


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I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of a cat being pelted with paintballs... is that bad of me?


@Rich... Yes, yes it is. On the other hand, she deserves it some days.

When I get the big bot built, in security mode I plan a slow escalation with several opportunities to identify as friend, but it will start with verbal warnings, then with Airsoft pellets, and finally with a paint-ball gun using tree-marking paint balls (permanent fluorescent ink). It will also threaten deadly force, but other than the fact that it will weigh upwards of 70lbs and have wheelchair motors so could probably knock you over, it won't actually have any deadly weapons.

Face recognition would be awesome to have it stand down.


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So if I carry a picture of your face I could get around it:D

As much as that may sound like a joke it isn't. I considered face recognition for access control to my house, then I thought of that, it's not the most secure thing in the world and can easily be bypassed so face recognition along with something else will now be used:)


@toymaker This is sounding great. Especially that it will work with EZ-B. I am building a stationary bot that will have a body arms and a head. The face rec will work great for when it sees either myself or my wife it will look up info from RSS feeds or web sites and rely the info to us. When it sees some one new it will introduce it self and chat with them. sort of like a physical Jarvis from iron man. I was going to call it that but @Rich and @jstarne1beat me to it.:P So his name will be 2Bits.

I was wondering if I could see the AI video also? This would enhance my programing even further, its so great that it will work with EZ-B. ruralgeek49 at gmail dot com (just trying to keep it from spam)


Please count me in on the AI video! @Rural Geek Your working on a bot (2Bits) with a head and torso...that makes two of us! I'll be posting progress videos soooon! @thetechguru..that sounds awesome...! Here on Salt Spring isl the deer are rampant! consuming peoples gardens! Everyone needs expensive fencing, arrgh . I am think it would also be cool to have an airsoft patrol bot working day and night! Try and post progress pics of your security bot:)


@irobot58 That would be cool a robot scare crow. My bot won't be worked on till the winter cause I am a bit tied up with my antique tractors. but when I start it I'll get it up here with pictures.


The IR is something I've been wanting in my bot forever. Am I the only restless kid?


@rich, I use facial recognition built into Android 4.x to access my phone. In 4.1 they added the requirement to blink at least once to differentiate between a picture and a real person. I am sure that could be hacked too, but someone could also break a window and use the same brick to take out the security robot, and it would need to be someone who knows my setup to perform the more subtle hack. On the the other hand , I just publicly described my plans here, so maybe not such a good idea:)

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Good point. There's always a way around. I mean I could use face recognition only to unlock my doors, nobody who lives close will know about it and fewer have a picture of my face that would be good enough to open the doors. But then that's my security system advertised on the internet... I think I will stick with good old fashioned keys.

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@Alan The face recognition module can recognise thousands of different faces. I am not sure if your question is how many faces at one time? To answer this, it can do multiple faces at one time but you will be limited to your camera's resolution and field of view. The face recognition needs to see a whole face to be able to measure its feature vectors, with a low cost camera like the one supplied by EZ Robot, it works with 2 faces simultaneously but it would start to struggle if you had say 4 or more faces in the robots viewing area. To give you an idea of how this works, the photo below shows how the face recognition locks into the features of a face.

User-inserted image

With the right threshold level set you should very rarely get a false positive, in fact in all the years I been using this system I have never actually seen a wrong recognition.

The photo is a good point, our FR module will recognise a face from a good quality photo, in fact I use this to demonstrate our Ai core's photographic associative memory, this is similar to humans associated memory. To explain this, if I show the Ai say a photo of Duncan Bannatyne from the TV program Dragons Den (Shark Tank in the States), it would recognise the face and automatically know that he is an entrepreneur and would automatically link him with the other Dragons and people like Richard Branson, it is doing this at the visual level. Humans use associative memory a lot, how many times has even just a smell of something bought back floods of memories that were associated with that smell in the past like say the smell of the sea bringing back memories of long ago holidays etc. On the AIMEC:4 robot the face recognition module is linked with a simple thermal imager so it also sees the face temperature of the target face, and this is currently how it differentiates a human from a photo.

Ruralgeek and Richard the video URL has been sent, again let me know if you have any questions about our Ai.


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@irobot58 The face recognition module will not recognise animals like deer, this needs object recognition and we are working at this also, but it is not fully working yet and further development is still required but we have come a long way with object recognition as you can see below.

User-inserted image

Here the system can see the difference between types of Coke.

User-inserted image

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Very nice. That could make my kitchen much more organised:)

I'm very impressed with the AIMEC!

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from what i am reading in your comments it looks very interesting and impressive. I would appreciate if you send me links to learn more about it .

thx in advance

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Thanks Rich, I wish I could show you guys the EZ:2 design but we have to keep it under wraps until its properly launched. As a long term robot builder I would describe the EZ:2 as the robot of my dreams that I have always wanted, I think that just like ARC, the EZ:2 robot is going to be a game changer for personal robotics.

Some of you were talking about heads and torso earlier in this thread, below is a head/torso that you may recognise! My great friend and top modelmaker Steve Cole who is producing the EZ:2 body shells, arms etc made this for me.

User-inserted image

@hhammoud I will send you the article that Robot Magazine did on my robots.


@TOYMAKER can you send me info also on the software ,your idea is very good. I have a lady friend that designs software and she made a object recognition software a very good one.

And she has a patent for it,so will ask her about idea to sell it on DJ site,she said it would be low cost. my email



In case your settings don't show ghost users (settings| show ghost user posts), @Robotmaker is asking for you to send him the link


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@robotmaker Unfortunately we cannot send or give details/info to anyone (even DJ) on our object recognition module as we plan to sell it commercially and make it available for our robots and the EZ:2 when it is finalised. I am happy to show some jpegs of it in action now but cannot give details on how it works.

I do not understand the link you made with the lady who has a patent on object recognition? I would be amazed if she had as over the years many companies and Universities have produced object recognition algorithms so there is a lot of "prior art" out there. Trying to patent software is very difficult, also if she does have object recognition she would be a potential competitor to our system, and this really shows why we cannot just give detailed info out.

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Thx @toymaker Receiced ,really intersting. I faced some problem with the links first .


Toymaker, ARIEL example of AI is outstanding. I am very happy to see this potential addition to EZ Robot. Will EZ 2 robot be available for Christmas? I would be interested in AI, location control, and face ID. Thanks, Steve S


@TOYMAKER i also designed a good IR module very cheap that works perfect with EZB as other sensors i working on

So might work with you software design,also your software can any STRING of IR codes work on your design. OR are you using USB-UIRT module for IR and X10 codes ,i have 3 of them and they are very good

MY IR board i design is well under $10 (about $5 ) and looking to get surface mount boards made.

There may be 2 types TV and wowwee since the carrier frequency is different,hopping to send a prototype to DJ in about a week.

Like to hear you comments on this.

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@hhammoud what links are you having problems with?

@Steve glad you like our Ai, we have been working on it for over 7 years now! We are hoping to complete the EZ:2 development by the end of this year and will launch it soon after (probably early next year). This is a massive project for us as this is such a big and advanced/powerful robot. it stands at well over 3 foot high and we will be adding an (optional) forth body section that will bring its height up to 4 foot. The big issue for us is funding, currently myself and Steve Cole are self funding everything and this invariably slows everything down. We plan to soon explore the possibility of external funding if we get this we will be able to grow our new robotics business quickly and the EZ:2 will be available much sooner.

@robotmaker I designed a special PIC microcontroller for the AIMEC robots that can emulate any IR controller, you have to just once teach it the IR commands by pointing (say) your TV controller at the robot in command learn mode then pressing the buttons that you want the robot to learn, after that the robot can change channels etc by itself or by direct voice command. The same PIC also controls the X10 system that I use extensively in my house, the robot sends the X10 commands via a simple 433Mhz transmitter (RF link) to the RF receiver that X10 sell for their RF hand controllers. This PIC will be part of the EZ:2 Robot.

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With the RF side of things, is it limited to X10? Or could it be adapted to other RF controlled devices such as the HomeEasy switches, pendants, outlets etc?

I'm assuming the video of the AI is the same as I have seen (and inspired a couple of additional functions of my AI)? If not I'd be very interested in seeing it too.

The EZ:2 Sounds very impressive, I guess I need to start saving now:D

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Rich, actually I started with those RF outlets about 10 years ago, they were very cheap and came in a pack of 4 outlets. I had to hack the controllers bit stream by recording the data packets on my DSO then its pretty simple to emulate the bit patterns for the ones and zeros that make up a command packet once you understand its structure. These RF units I seem to remember were Wicks branded. I changed over to X10 as it was more reliable with lots of different accessory modules, also they are available to the general public, where the Wicks units are probably not made anymore.

Yes, that is the same video from 2008 that you saw.

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HomeEasy are Byron. All still made, or were a year ago when I got mine and they were developing new products still. I'll have to look in to it more. I find they are very reliable so far, and cheap (there are cheaper, they don't work with my USB RFCom Xtra) and easy to find a stockist.

Automated Home did a nice write up on it and their conclusion was it could be a worth successor to X10.

But anyway, we digress:) The real question is, is the EZ:2 going to be, or could it be compatible?

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Rich, if enough people would want it, I would happily add HomeEasy control to the EZ:2, I have looked at it, and it seems like a good system.


@TOYMAKER thats kinda hard only the IR needs to receive IR TRANSMISSIONS at different frequency for each type of remote devices LIKE TV is set at mostly 40 khz so you need a IR transmitting diode set at 40 khz,then if using wowwee robots its set at 39.2 khz and a 40 khz diode will not send,then some use 455 khz can't use a 40 khz diode for that even if you have a carrier frequency.

One i made FOR $5 only set for wowwee at 39.2 khz ,but working on a design now that works that will cover all frequency. One i made connects to any digital port on EZB i have about 50 or more remotes,25 or more for robots and rest for tv,x10 and more for testing ,but only for my robots.

If you have a good scope and signal generator and different remotes can do the same test i did, IR codes is not too easy .mostly need a learning remote on the usb-uirt its built in and $39.95

I think X10 is 40khz ,like TV and stereo's or are you using RF control ,if using IR most likely you are anyone using X10 system does need a IR to RF converter,i really love my X10 it covers very outlet and more.

IF you don't understand some stuff i said ask away EDIT : I did read you have a DSO scope thats good one to have,like my 16 channel DSO i have too

HOPE soon to test and compare you design with mine.


@toymaker I see you said your design works for TV and X10 only need 40 khz transmitting diode and a receiver. can it control other robots and can another IR sending module like mine work on your design.

I guess the main question is your board universal and software can input your own codes,would be a good idea for IR transmitters that use a different diode and carrier frequency,i found a company that sells 8 pin carrier clock 3 different ones to cover about 6 different IR frequency's total.

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I did not say 40Khz, I said the RF (radio frequency not IR) frequency is 433Mhz (megahertz not kilohertz) which is the Pan European license exempt RF frequency for RF controllers and RF car keyfobs etc, I think in the States the license exempt RF frequency is 315Mhz. I think you are getting this mixed up with the IR modulation (carrier) frequency which is usually around 38Khz (like the most commonly used NEC protocol).

Our IR emulator PIC will learn any IR controller command so it could control other robots, I use it to control TV, radio, iPod etc.

The industry standard X10 does not work by IR or RF it works by injecting control codes directly into the actual power wiring. The digital data is encoded onto a 120 kHz carrier which is transmitted as bursts during the zero crossings of the 50 or 60Hz AC (alternating current) waveform one bit is transmitted at each zero crossing.


Yes on x10 i know it uses line carrier by injecting a signal across AC i have the box,using digital data on a 120 khz line For the receivers that make a rf transmitter ,but also use IR to RF converter they make

SO i guess you design has RF and IR ,Why not use use IR for both ?

Have you tried to control wowwee robots with your design,lot of remotes for robot use both RF and IR WILL find data on carrier frequency on different IR transmitters,some set at 40 khz some at 38khz mostly tv remotes except for RTI that uses 40 khz and on the wowweee it uses 39.2 khz and then 455 khz

Lot of guys on another forum ask the same question will 38kz or 40 khz remote work on wowwee robot ,answer is always no I think i know why because wowwee uses 38khz for IR DETECTION,since i repair wowwee robots a lot THEY use 2 different types of diodes if you open one up and have to replace with exact one.

SECOND since a lot of robots use IR DETECTORS like the sharp GP2D12 does your IR design interfere with it ?

I have 4 HERO robots and it uses RF and one remote wont work on another one unless the crystal is changed,so my question is will it work on it


@toymaker here is a good site for IR codes for woweee robots and about the carrier frequency

wowwee IR codes

Also on the usb-uirt it uses 2 types of IR transmitting diodes at different frequency,can find the link i have about that info also and will post it for you.

Also has a lot of IR codes for tv's and more in their database


TOYMAKER i found the link about USB-UIRT and how it works ,look at photo is shows 2 IR emitters for different frequency ranges. NOW on detecting IR it uses a wideband 36-40khz and other one can be added for 56khz

usb-uirt remote info

One last question what type of IR codes do you use ,RAW OR COMPRESSED UIRT or PRONTO RAW ?

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Our system does not need all the codes from remotecentral etc or any database, it learns the control packet bit by bit and then records a copy of each command. when replayed later it sends the identical bit pattern out. This is why our system works for all protocols of IR codes be it RC5 or the wowwee codes.

To summerise we do not decode the IR remote codes, we just copy their bit pattern in real time, and then transmit the copy out when required. The only downside of our system is that you have to teach the codes (once) to the system.

You asked why we use RF in the X10 system, this is because the receiver unit that we wirelessly transmit to from the robot is RF and not IR here is the unit

The robot just sends the same codes out that the X10 handheld RF (transmitter) controller would send


Wow I missed another good thread! I need to visit more.


@toymaker can you add the IR string code if you have it,downside i see if you cant is if you lose your remote or your robot doesn't have it,lot of use get robots cheap without remotes.

CANT wait till you get it done,right now i have a total of 20+ of wowwee robots and more on they way and hope to test them.


@toymaker I hope to see also your object recognition,i am working on another type of design using spectrometer design

Design works great,low cost i have it working on arduino next step convert the codes to ezb

DJ gave info on how to do it and another way is using serial to the arduino board.

But its only good for liquids,cans cant work and only glass.

On object recognition its hard to tell what type of beer or drink if turned the other.

Another i see with object recognition is with your design and mine is if bottle is in the back of the refrigerator that you want.

Thinking other ideas for this ,may be x-ray scanner or type of sonar like ultrasound used in hospitals.

Ultrasound is hard mostly its very high frequency 1ghz and it wont go through metal.

Look all ideas has its faults,and may need all of them.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.


Toymaker I am @ the campground, with poor signal, but I can tell you i am interested in the EZ robot two, with artificial intelligence, home control, and location Parameters. I am excited about having these possibilities! I Am very happy with easy robot and all the advancements. My family loves my Ez Robot Capt. Ann Droid. My family cannot believe the advancement with easy robot since 25 years ago When I built my robot, James with the Commodore 64. Steve S.

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Steve, your robot looks really good! Have you any pictures of the Commodore 64 robot, it would be great to see it.



@toymaker i know the receiver TM13U for X10 system i have 6 one for each room,set at different codes for each room Second i use IR to RF controller tied to my IR repeaters so only one IR signal is needed to control up tp 256 codes

ON using a receiver in learn mode,what happens if you lose you remote or broken without entering a RAW code you cant control any devices,every IR transmitter puts a RAW CODE

Other big problem a lot of us buy robots like wowwee or other robots that use IR and since we get them cheap a lot of them dont have a remote,but on the internet there is always someone hack the code or has a remote and a learning remote like USB-UIRT and with software can copy and paste the code in any microcontroller that you can add the IR STRING.


Thank You Tony, Here are few pictures of "James", my 25 year + old Commmodore 64 powered robot. He still operates, but the VR is very crude because of the limited sample rates available on such a small computer without a hard drive. He can load a file by voice (shake my hand) from floppy disk and automatically execute it. I wrote his programming in BASIC. He could also learn steps (routines) using the joystick as a teach pendant, similar to the recorder in ARC. His talking voice was mine, recorded with a CoVox voice system. I use to demonstrate him @ schools and Caterpillar. He only had six outputs, which I increased to 9 with relay logic. I purchased an EZB for him, maybe some day he will get an update? Steve S

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


I remember when i made TRS-80 robot ,while back and another one with 8mhz processor cant remember the cpu name. But in storage i should have the it.

The robot frame i have a EZB on it,i think its over 20 years old and was a kit.

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Steve thats a great robot! I recognise 2 Big Trak gearboxes with mag clutch so this robot went forward without much drifting left or right. My toy invention company has designed the next generation Big Trak XTR (eXtra Technology Robotic).

Very clever arm mechanism that can move vertically like that. Your robot should be put up on Cyberneticzoo as it is a neat robot from the last century, a couple of mine are on there.


Thank You Tony, A big trak gearbox also drives the arm elevator in my vintage robot James, you are very observant.
Your products like the Big trak XTR, etc, are amazing. I see so much detail, determination, and "ahead of the times" technology in your great vintage robots. Thank you Tony for taking the time to share them with me. I am even more excited about having an AIMEC EZ Robot! An outstanding product like EZ Robot and AIMEC together is the best I could ever ask for! Steve S


@TOYMAKER thats very cool ,i have 2 of the BIG TRAK older style looking to convert one with a EZB.

MY biggest robot project ever is a real full size johnny five robot,so far none been made and plans are coming out soon. Tracks take up part of the cost $500 each,just waiting on the rest of the plans.

BUT your BIG TRAC robot in video looks very good,hope it comes on sale soon.


ALSO TONY i like your AIMEC robot looks like a good design hope it goes on the market soon to compare with other robots.

There are a few i am looking to get near $30000 and up bracket ,like the hanson ZENO robot looks very good at $12k

I see your design uses 2 computers thats very cool,i have seen others use up to 3 computers and my bigger design not using EZB has 2 computers ,1 for navigation and one for vision and facial recognition.


Toni, I would be interested in seeing the video or other free software to download. Please send it to:

Thanks. I get all Excited when we talk about A.I. But, I don't see very much of it out of the thousands and thousands of robots that I have seen. My Leaf robot has A.I. it looks like you are going to have a fine robot when you hook the EZ-B to it.

Looking forward to your reply.


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This is the old video of our Ai with face recognition, I am not sure if you have already seen it.



Hey, that is very good software. I have Denise Platinum on my desktop. This is very similar. But, you have your Brainfile that is mapped. I don't have that one. And, your animation moves across the screen. Neat. I would like to see it all interfaced together with ARC and your robot and my robot, etc.

By the way, which voice recognition software are you using with Airial?

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Good to hear you have Denise, Guile (3D) is a great friend of mine, he does some amazing work!

The Ai core that you see on the video will be interfaced with the EZ:2 robot when it is complete.

The speech recognition software in this older video was DNS10 (Dragon 10), we now use DNS12. We have had great success with this software, for most of our developers it works out of the box with minimal training.


I don't like the Dragon because it wants me to use a headsetmic all the time. With the windows speech rec that is in ARC, it works fine for me with a mic when I am anywhere in the room.

But, I really do like your extra features.

Guile is a great guy.



Such cool work! One of my first computer controlled robots had a C=64 for a brain and a relay controller that I built to control the robot arm and drive motors. That was so many years ago. I do still have most of that old robot, but my ex has my old computers in storage somewhere. An EZ-B and servos would be a great upgrade for an old robot. Your AI will make EZ-B robots much more alive. Very cool work with everything. I used a few BigTracks to build a mobile robot with an arm on it. I used the BigTrack brains to drive the robot and move the arm. It had some success, but not near as cool as your new BigTrack robot. Looks very cool.



Hello, I adore ur application , would u told me where i could find the source code , or where i could download it as plugin .


Man, a plug for ARC in would be great! However I think it's not a reality coming from Tony's design. He uses a lot of his own self designed and built sub components that really do the processing and work. Correct me if I'm wrong but his robot simply uses ARC to send the controlling commands through the EZB to these components to control most of the features of his creation. We would need all the other parts that Tony makes and uses to get this to work in our robots along with the coded plugin.


You can use object training to train your face. It will also do expressions because it's objects. Read the ARC camera manual by pressing the ? Question mark for different tracking types.


Hello @hhammoud ,

If u don't mind , would send me ( the links u recieve form Toymaker ,I need this toutorial urgently .


You wont be able to use anything from Toymaker without having his custom programmed PIC's that do the work. If you can program in assembler on PIC's then you could do what he does. Dave is right. He uses the EZ-B to send commands to and receive information from his PIC's. He doesn't sell his work outside of his completed robot projects that he is working on.


Like DJ said though, you can use what is in ARCs object detection to do face recognition though. You can also use RoboRealm or some open source stuff that uses Aforge which is a .net wrapper for openCV.

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Dave, you are correct. In the ALTAIR robots the sub-system processors take all the heat (low level) work off the v4 leaving the v4 to do what it does best. David at Cochran Robotics also does this with Rafiki, I feel it is the best way to utilize the v4 controller.

The EZ:1 head is full of networked PICs below is a photo - this is prior to the addition of the face/emotion/gender/age recognition module.

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As sweet as Justin's EZ-Face is I think it's now obsolete. DJ implemented this into the ARC platform so it does much of the same thing. Justin, please correct me if I'm wrong.


@Dave, you are correct. This is the problem with reviving 2 year old threads without checking for current functionality first. Almost every time someone comes up with a good way to extend the functionality of ARC, DJ turns it into a feature within a few weeks to months.



@Alan, @Dave:

Slow down... Face Detection and Face Recognition are two different things.

ARC/EZ SDK has Face Detection, no Face Recognition

Toymaker, EZ-Face (Justin) are first Face Detection and then Face Recognition.

basically Face Detection is something like: Hey i found a Face in X,Y position.

check Face Detection thread to see a Face Detection (EZ SDK) picture.


There are a few libraries like emgu (Opencv Wrapper) that can be used for Face Recognition, is very simple if you are familiar with Visual Studio and c#.

the rocket science is the opencv library....

emgu only implements a wrapper for .net managed/c# otherwise you will need to deep in c++

I'm curious why DJ never implemented the Face Recognition feature in ARC, i'm assuming is not a requested feature ?


@ptp, as I stated earlier in this thread - use the Object tracking type for face detection.

You can find out more about tracking types on the Camera Device ARC manual page here:

In demos, i have taught the robot different expressions using the object tracking as well - it can tell if i'm happy or sad. Here's a copy/paste of the two tracking types in question...

Face The face tracking type will attempt to detect faces within the image. The Face tracking uses calculations to detect eyes and a mouth. This does require additional processing and will slow the framerate. Also, detecting images within a video stream with many complicated objects will return false positives. Use the Face Tracking against a white wall or non-complicated background. If you wish to detect specific faces, use the Object Tracking type, as you can train your face as an object.

Object This is an advanced computer vision learning tracking type that gives you the ability to teach the robot an object (such as a face, logo, etc.) and have it detect it. Computer vision learning is very experimental and requires patience and consistent lighting. The object training is done in the Object tab, which is settings for the object. Remember, settings for specific tracking types are configured within their tab in the Camera Control. Some tracking types have additional setting/parameters within the Camera Settings (gear icon).



Slow down... Face Detection and Face Recognition are two different things

As DJ said, Object recognition recognizes specific faces as well as other objects. It was added to ARC after EZ-Face and works just as well at face recognition (not just detection).

Like I said, responding to 2 year old threads without checking current capabilities of the product are counter-productive.