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25% off on items from Brookstone

EZ-Robots are on sale at Brookstone. Now is a good time to buy. Offer ends today. Good for any order over $99.00
June 24 2015

you could let 5 men work for the 216 locations and one for ower orders.
i think thats a bad reason,i thought the long waiting was over.
June 24 2015
@WBS thanks for your understanding. It's responses like that that keep us pushing hard. You're absolutely right. It's deals like Brookstone's that will make our robots mainstream and allow us to grow to be even more dynamic and innovative! We look forward to seeing what shenanigans you and JD get up to in the forum :-) Thanks again!

@nomad it doesn't exactly work like that. The pre-order period is over as our products are built and awesome (as you know), but when production grows to 5x your normal monthly output there is a lot of adjustments to be made and learning to be done. We keep getting better, I promise!
June 24 2015
in the store the inverted pendulum stands still as pre-order.
with what you say ,you mean they will be soon chipped? stika
June 24 2015
I am waiting too @nomad... you're not alone. I don't mind waiting if this massive Brookstone order gets DJ enough money to put him in Tony Stark type lab setting.... :P
June 24 2015

i know.we all waiting.its that i cant work further on my projects.
now i have learn how good the product is,its harder to wait now.
Avatarby CochranRobotics
Published Tuesday, June 23, 2015