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@nomad, that is a pack of 3 cubes. Correct price.

Looks like I should have ordered from Brookstone to begin with. They say their stuff is in stock at least. I ordered the JD kit (and another couple hundred dollars worth of extra parts) from Stemfinity on June 5th and am STILL waiting for it to ship even. Free shipping was the lure. Who knew it would be a month getting to me. I see Brookstone has the same free shipping deal too. Ah well, at least it's "supposed" to ship this week.:)
Hi @WBS. We're sorry for the delay, but sadly Brookstone is the reason your order hasn't shipped. Our team of 6 has been working fast and hard to fulfill a massive order for their 216 locations. Thank you for your patience with us and for your enthusiasm for our platform!
I see. Thank you for your response. Wow! That is a huge order, I can see why there are problems getting my order out the door. Though I am sad about the delay, I am happy to see you folks doing so well. It means you will likely be around for some time to come and continue to innovate as you have in the past. That's why I went with EZ in the first place. The JD robot was not only less expensive but had far surperior software and the bonus of a camera built into the head. Not to mention the software to make the camera useful. Then there is the easy reconfigurable nature of the parts.

Anyway, thanks again for responding and I still look forward to my copy of JD arriving before too much longer. There are so many things I want try to do with it (none of them illegal or immoral :) )

you could let 5 men work for the 216 locations and one for ower orders.
i think thats a bad reason,i thought the long waiting was over.
@WBS thanks for your understanding. It's responses like that that keep us pushing hard. You're absolutely right. It's deals like Brookstone's that will make our robots mainstream and allow us to grow to be even more dynamic and innovative! We look forward to seeing what shenanigans you and JD get up to in the forum :-) Thanks again!

@nomad it doesn't exactly work like that. The pre-order period is over as our products are built and awesome (as you know), but when production grows to 5x your normal monthly output there is a lot of adjustments to be made and learning to be done. We keep getting better, I promise!
in the store the inverted pendulum stands still as pre-order.
with what you say ,you mean they will be soon chipped? stika
I am waiting too @nomad... you're not alone. I don't mind waiting if this massive Brookstone order gets DJ enough money to put him in Tony Stark type lab setting....:P

i know.we all waiting.its that i cant work further on my projects.
now i have learn how good the product is,its harder to wait now.