Asked May 21 2017

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I have bought a large number of EZ-Bits with HDD servos and started a new robot project named Bob.
Bob is a mix of 3d printed and EZ-Bits with a V4 EZ Robot controller!
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Video coming as soon as it uploads!
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August 27 2017
I am working on a better head for Bob.
I will be uploading it to thingiverse.
August 28 2017
i like bob.he's cool robot.
August 28 2017
here's a nice waist assemble.
bending and turning.

August 28 2017
That would be a cool robot to have.
Give it an EZ-B and then it can hear, see and talk to you.
August 28 2017
how did he do that.i cant see it.your chest is nicer.